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Europe denied new 387hp Supra by emissions rules

UK customers won't enjoy the power hike delivered to the US thanks to more stringent emission targets

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, February 15, 2020

Toyota has confirmed to PH that it won’t be uprating European versions of its GR Supra to 387hp thanks to the ever-tightening limits of Euro6 legislation. While the US Supra’s output has received a 37hp boost for 2020 with the addition of a new twin scroll turbocharger and different pistons, the inline-six cars in Europe are to be pegged at 340hp with an unchanged technical specification. BMW is held back by the same rules, with its identically-engined Z4 M40i capped at 340hp in Europe, emphasising just how stringent European limits have become on the global stage.

It would be hard to describe the Supra as lacking punch in European trim, with the Gazoo Racing model capable of hitting 62mph in 4.3 seconds and a 155mph limited top speed. But in the US the car faces much larger-engined rivals such as the Dodge Charger, so it’s likely the region’s execs have been pushing for the boost in order to up the model’s competitiveness. In Europe, rivals are also limited by Euro6 restrictions, with the equivalent 718 Cayman, for example, using that ever controversial turbocharged four-pot.

It could very well be pressure from American rivals that has also encouraged Toyota’s decision to launch a new variant over there, the A91 Edition. With just 1,000 to be made, each gets red brake calipers, carbon exterior trim and matte black wheels, as well as an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel and 8.8-inch touchscreen. The UK line-up remains the same, although there’s still hope for uprated versions later on – as first mooted/requested by Dan in his original review. Indeed, tuner Litchfield has already proven that the 3.0-litre engine is more than capable of extra power; its version has a healthy 450hp.

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