Suzuki Jimny concepts for Tokyo

Despite Suzuki’s fairly modest ambitions for the car, and despite the fact it’s not the best 4x4 in the world, there’s no denying that the new Jimny has been launched to a rapturous reception. A combination of rugged ability with sweet styling has won it many fans already. Expect a few more to follow with the reveal of these new concepts...

Set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon later this month, the two Jimnys – called the Survive and the Sierra Pickup Style – aren’t yet confirmed for production, but it’s not hard to imagine a groundswell of public support. Interestingly the Survive is based on the JDM Jimny, which uses a 660cc three-cylinder turbo to comply with kei car regulations. It comes fitted with a winch and tow hook, knobbly off-road tyres, a sump guard and an external roll cage. Β Surely it’s no accident that the makeover looks great, too, toughening up the Jimny just enough to lend some attitude without entirely losing its innocent charm. Let’s hope it’s as tough as it looks...

Even the Jimny Survive must lose out, though, in terms of make-it-now-and-sod-the-cost desirability, to the Sierra Pick Up Style. Look at it! Like a miniature Hilux Invincible or L200 Warrior, it packs all the utilitarian cool of a real life pick up in a teeny-tiny package. Note again the tow hooks and off-road tyres, plus here the wood panelling and spot lights – perfect.

While now based on the Jimny we receive in the UK with its 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine, the Sierra doesn’t look like being a real load lugger of a pick up. Instead the bed looks more suited to serving overpriced coffee and stale sandwiches out of – which they’d certainly have buyers for, if it meant seeing one of these up close.

Hopefully the pick ups can get the go ahead for production, though of course nobody is holding their breath just yet. More news to follow from Tokyo soon!



P.H. O'meter

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Comments (25) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Jimbo89 03 Jan 2019

    Swwwwweeeeeeeeet. I want all of them.

    Amazing. How have they nailed this car so well? Spot on, great work Suzuki.

  • TwigtheWonderkid 03 Jan 2019

    How about a bloody soft top????

  • HerniaHotline 03 Jan 2019

    Ever since hiring a 90s era Samurai softop on holiday last year, I've been completely smitten with these things. Honestly the most fun you can have a 30mph. Every trip was an event.

    The car would be utterly impractical for the UK but I'd find it difficult not to put my name down if they did a soft top. Bet they'd hold their value too.

  • DaveTheRave87 03 Jan 2019

    Awwwwww, it looks like one of Bear Grylls' baby photos.

  • Sford 03 Jan 2019

    I think the only thing that will hamper this in the uk market is the lack of four doors.

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