The Nissan GT-R in 2008: Time For Tea?

Alright, so "R35s in the UK for a decade" requires some qualification, because it wasn't actually until 2009 that you could officially buy a GT-R over here from your Nissan dealer. However, for the truly committed, importers like Litchfield could bring one over before then, and so we really have had 10 years of them. Crikey.

It's a Litchfield import that features in this classic Autocar video, alongside an E92 BMW M3 and a first generation 997 911 GT3. It's presented by that man Chris Harris off the telly, who you might not recognise with all that hair. And a fleece.

It's a jolly good watch, too, for it's all too easy to forget what a seismic impact the GT-R had on the UK fast car scene. Here was a car that cost less than £60k, yet was faster around a circuit than the most track focused 911. It remains like nothing else in 2018, and that's with 10 years of getting used to its abilities. Back then, the way it pulled an M3's pants down for not much more money really was a shock.

We won't spoil the conclusion of the feature here - it's split across two videos - although it's fair to say the big Nissan gave a pretty good account of itself even once the stopwatch had been put back. And while the GT-R's impact may have dwindled over the decade since 2008, its abilities remain extraordinary. How much longer does this generation have to run? That's something only Nissan knows at present, and news that enthusiasts await with baited breath; whenever that car emerges and whatever it may be, the next GT-R has one heck of a legacy to live up to.

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  • jakesmith 23 Apr 2018

    Would love to experience driving one. So tune-able too. Usually gets lots of cliched comments about playstation / dull / not noisy enough but I bet it's a fking riot to hoon

  • WCZ 23 Apr 2018

    an absolute hero, giving performance to the people once again

  • LaurasOtherHalf 23 Apr 2018

    Best mate had one of the first official dozen in the UK and I was lucky enough to drive it lots around the 'ring back when we both had enough spare time to spend plenty of weekends over there!

    Still one of the best cars we've ever driven, such an event and although it may have been easier to extract lap times than the GT3RS he now has it was utterly not some "playstation easy to drive" thing that people always mention on forums.

    Truly epic running costs as well!

    It was a terrific way of meeting people as well, it drew crowds back then like nothing else-you could park up next to a Ferrari and everyone would ignore it hehe I also think it started the modern trend of super-performance in cars that has ended up with such high powers and weights across the board-for better or worse.

    It doesn't seem like so long ago in some ways but longer in others, happy days smile

  • Alex-i4e8x 23 Apr 2018

    jakesmith said:
    Would love to experience driving one. So tune-able too. Usually gets lots of cliched comments about playstation / dull / not noisy enough but I bet it's a fking riot to hoon
    Drove a GT-R on a track day experience at Lydden Hill, it was by a mile the most thrilling car of the day (comparing against Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 430) and full of feedback. Was two years ago and I can still recall the sensations - desperately want to own one.

  • culpz 23 Apr 2018

    Yes, they were cheaper back then and probably looked more like a bargain. However, at the time, didn't they also need to be serviced every 5k miles or so? They're not exactly cheap to service anyway. I know later on down the line, they changed the service intervals to pretty much double that, so every 10k.

    They're still good value though, even with the hike in price. I just wish they'd stop updating this one and bring an all new model out.

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