Toyota GT86 'Blue Edition' launched

Yes, yes, another GT86 special edition - it really is hoping to emulate the MX-5 in every way, isn't it? Bring on the GT86 Euphonic, the Indiana and the Jasper Conran...

This Blue Edition '86 is the latest of the Club Series cars, introduced last year with the Orange Edition to celebrate its motorsport heritage. You can hopefully spot the running theme in the CS models, though any new GT86 that proffers a legitimate chance to watch Patrick Snijers in the rally car again sounds like a worthy addition.

This Electric Blue version should allow you to indulge those fantasies even more authentically with the introduction of a Performance Pack. Comprised of Sachs Performance dampers (used on the Yaris GRMN, don't forget), larger Brembo brakes and a new design of alloy wheel, it adds £1,475 to the price of a manual GT86 Blue Edition.

Beyond the paint scheme and the PP option, this Club Series car is as you were for a GT86 Pro: 200hp, 140mph and Torsen LSD, plus the niceties that come with a higher trim level including nav, climate control and auto headlights.

On sale from tomorrow, the Blue Edition will cost from £28,980. The range also includes an automatic option at £30,335 as well as the two Performance Pack models: £30,455 for the manual, £31,795 for the auto. As yet there isn't any news on the availability of Performance Packs on other GT86s. Still, with early cars now half their new price and going out of warranty, there's nothing to stop you making the GT86 of your dreams, be that blue or otherwise...



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  • GTEYE 31 May 2018

    The wheels at least look better than the standard ones - but they could hardly be worse.

    I can't remember the last time I saw a recent registration plate GT86 on the road, which is a shame - maybe not everyone's favourite car, but we should applaud Toyota for at least making the effort.

    Maybe lopping the price a bit might help a bit. Especially as pre-reg cars seem to start at £22k - so they must have the margin to slice a bit off!

    Edited by GTEYE on Thursday 31st May 13:53

    Edited by GTEYE on Thursday 31st May 13:54

  • Onehp 31 May 2018

    Would buy one again if I had use/space for one. Definitely with the performance pack. Not impressed as such with the special editions, but I don't mind the blue colour, could work... Looks will change anyway after mounting wheels of choice...

  • Helicopter123 31 May 2018

    Seems a lot for a GT86.

  • cerb4.5lee 31 May 2018

    Helicopter123 said:
    Seems a lot for a GT86.
    Performance per £ is certainly on the low side. I am still strangely drawn to them though.

  • Murphy16 31 May 2018

    I'd rather buy a used one, supercharge it and change the wheels over buying a brand new limited edition coloured one.

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