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Toyota reveals GT86 British Racing Green Limited

This vintage-spec '86 proves Japan still loves classic Brit metal

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, February 13, 2019

They say Japan is the country that made the best British sports car, so maybe it’s fair that it feels like it can freely emulate the vintage styling of something made in Blighty, too. The nation's Anglophile bent is in evidence again with the Toyota GT86 British Racing Green Limited - a model cruelly limited to domestic market buyers only.

Note the combination of British Racing Green paintwork and tan leather interior inside. And the lack of infotainment screen in the dash. It’s all an effort to mimic something from the good ol’ days. The lightweight gold wheels might not be so clearly associated with classic Brit tat, but they do look good, don’t they?

Behind them are a set of larger than usual Brembo brakes - normally an optional extra for the ’86 - and there are also Sachs dampers on this special edition, which you’d normally have to fork out more for, too. The rest of the setup is all standard, which is to say it includes a 2.0-litre boxer that drives through a six-speed gearbox (or optional auto) with up to 200hp and 151lb ft of torque. Not potent, but better out the box than, say, an MG B. And jolly good fun.

This being Japan, domestic models are seriously cheap, so even this special edition variant starts at lower than the entire range here. You’ll need 3.25 million yen for one, which equates to about £22,770 in the Queen’s notes. Jealous? Us too.

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