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UK firm launches rugged Delica D:5 Terrain camper

Like your holidays out in the wilderness? Campers Scotland's modded Mitsubishi has got you covered

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ah the driving holiday. It's long been a favourite way to explore for PHers who prefer their trips without the stress of airport queues or train schedules. Some of us like to embark on such journeys behind the wheel of a sports car, relying on overnight accommodation as we go. Others like to cart their living quarters around with them, be it as a tent in the boot or a proper motorhome, like Ben on his recent Canadian road trip. It's for people like this that Campers Scotland's latest creation, the D:5 Terrain, has been developed.

Based on the Mistubishi Delica Campervan, this UK modified vehicle is essentially a go-anywhere four-person bed and kitchenette that's been beefed up to make it ready for the wilderness. Based on the 170hp 2.4-litre petrol-powered camper, it can run in two- or four-wheel drive, and there's an electronic locking differential switch for if the going gets tough off road. Plus, there's enough grunt from the powertrain to pull up to 2.5 tons - so you can even bring the mountain bikes and Nomad on a trailer!

Campers Scotland's available enhancements include raised suspension and off road wheels, while the most adventurous buyers might want to consider the firm's optional rough terrain upgrade. This includes chassis strengthening to the rib-bone monocoque frame, stronger brakes and scuff kits to protect the underside. Optional side and front bars toughen up the exterior, while roof racks and LED floodlights complete the makeover.

To accommodate up to four passengers, the D:5 terrain has swivel chairs and a raising roof, while food can be stored in the fridge or kitchen units; they include removable pods that can be attached to rucksacks. Cooking is handled by Camper Scotland's omnislider unit, which can be removed if you prefer to prepare your meals with an interactive audience of insects. Power for all of this comes from a lithium-ion super-power battery that's partly powered by roof-mounted solar panels.

The price for this cosy, self-sufficient holiday camper is £27,995, which doesn't actually seem that bad, does it? Especially when you consider the VW California camper opens from almost £10k more. They did say summer 2019 might just be the sunniest on record...

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