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McLaren Speedtail: Geneva 2019

McLaren confirms 1,070hp for its petrol-electric hypercar ahead of public debut - including 313hp from new battery tech

By Matt Bird / Monday, March 04, 2019

Given Ferrari is revealing a new V8 berlinetta at Geneva and Lamborghini has released convertible versions of both its supercars, you could be forgiven for thinking McLaren might be a little left out, showing a GT3 car and MSO specials.

Not to be outdone, it has taken the opportunity to confirm new details about the upcoming Speedtail's powertrain. Previously we knew the car would be capable of 250mph, making it the fastest McLaren ever; now we know exactly how it will go about achieving that.

A parallel hybrid without any EV range, the Speedtail will feature the familiar 4.0-litre turbo V8, with 757hp and 516lb ft, plus a new electric powertrain providing 313hp and 258lb ft, for a total of 1,070hp and 774lb ft.

More interesting still are the advances in battery technology. The batteries in a Speedtail weigh nearly half that of a P1's battery pack at 52kg, yet boast four times the energy density. So in 2013 96kg of batteries enabled 179hp and 192lb ft; just half a dozen years later and 52kg proffers 313hp and 258lb ft. Which is pretty incredible.

The Speedtail will also be fitted with with wireless charging (see diagram), and can't be plugged in. As for how long the powertrain can stay at the full 1,070hp, it's currently too early to tell. You'll remember the requirement for a P1 was a flat out, full lap of the Nurburgring; given the Speedtail's more relaxed remit - 250mph v-max notwithstanding - it might be less than that.

Whatever the case, this sort of information promises to keep interest in the Speedtail maintained for a little while yet. Expect a little more soon!

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