Mercedes amps up Formula E racer

Mercedes might be the team to beat in F1, but in Formula E, itโ€™s the new kid on the block. From the start of the new season in November, the German marque will face the likes of Audi, BMW and Nissan, as well as Jaguar and fellow newcomer Porsche, in the most manufacturer-populated single seater series on the planet. This is a place Mercedes has not yet competed, so with five months before the first race it has to make up a six-year development deficit to the most established teams in the field โ€“ which is going to be no easy task, given the rivals it faces.

During two days of running at the Varano circuit in Italy, two-time DTM champ Gary Paffett and former F1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne split testing duties for the new EQ Silver Arrow 01, with โ€“ remarkably โ€“ no problems to report. Although Formula E regulations dictate that a control chassis is used, manufacturers get to develop their own powertrains, meaning thereโ€™s no prior data with which to compare the gubbins propelling the new single-seater. Even Mercedes must be over the moon at completing a pair of trouble-free days this early on.

Paffet, who has plenty of single seater experience to call upon with a year in FE and his time as a former McLaren test driver, said of the new car: โ€œItโ€™s obviously different from any Mercedes I have driven beforeโ€ โ€“ no surprise given that he's mostly raced with V8s โ€“ โ€œbut it has been a fantastic test. I think that the professionalism and the skill of the engineering within the team is exceptionalโ€. Vandoorne echoed the enthusiasm, stating that โ€œthe basics are rightโ€, even this early on.

So there you have it, the might of Mercedes taking on an all-new challenge with no real understanding of where itโ€™ll be come race one. Didnโ€™t think weโ€™d be writing that anytime soonโ€ฆ

P.H. O'meter

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  • Rugbyman 27 Jun 2019

    This could be shaping up to be more watchable than F1

    fingers crossed

  • fushion julz 27 Jun 2019

    It already is (more watchable than F1)

  • AaronD891 27 Jun 2019

    You make it sound as though it's totally different to anything Paffett has driven before... when he races in FE this season with HWA!! The same HWA which, by the way, will be running the Mercedes FE team... so it's not really totally new to them at all!

  • Pericoloso 27 Jun 2019

    Rugbyman said:
    This could be shaping up to be more watchable than F1

    fingers crossed
    I can't get enthused by either of them.

    At least I can watch FE live and not wait for highlights later ,sometimes when there are none the race is so dull ,re French GP.

    I still can't get my head around "fan boost".

    "Text to this number for your favourite driver"

  • fblm 27 Jun 2019

    fushion julz said:
    It already is (more watchable than F1)
    It's like watching green paint dry instead of white.

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