Renault Clio 182 Trophy: PH Fleet

1,500 more miles and a stack more smiles since my last update, the Clio continues to thrill and surprise in equal measure. I've done 10,000 miles now in KN55 HWX and, for a 10-year-old French hot hatch, it's been very reliable - I've had nothing more go wrong than a set of HT leads and a failed rear damper. Given all the issues I've had owning VW group cars, it has made me question the poor reliability stigma attached to French cars. Perhaps I've just been lucky.

Some joke about sparkling performance
Some joke about sparkling performance
Content with my mechanical modifications but still keen to tinker, I fitted a set of Forge silicone coolant hoses to brighten up the engine bay. Perhaps a more significant treat was the addition of a set of track wheels in the shape of 15-inch Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2s, wrapped in super sticky Avon ZZRs. Having previously worked at Caterham and driven thousands of miles on Avons during my time there, they seemed the natural choice. The ZZRs are used on the ballistic 310hp Seven 620 R, but how would they fare on a car that weighs twice as much and has considerably less power? My worry was that with too much grip, the car wouldn't be playful and lose its fun edge.

Three track days in, I'm yet to find the limit on these tyres. Perhaps I'm not pushing hard enough, but they're wearing extremely well, taking 2mm of tread off so far. They complement the suspension set up extremely well, and are easily the most noticeable change on track, spurring you on to push harder and harder each lap. Money far better spent than on an exhaust system or fancy seats.

Sprint  time!
Sprint time!
Thanks to PHer Rob Gosling, I also signed up to a couple of events in the Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series this year, following his recommendation back inJanuary. This was to be my first taste of competitive motorsport, and I was more nervous in anticipation of the first event at Blyton Park than any date or job interview I've ever had. The spare pants were packed!

Signed up to compete against the clock, at a circuit I've never driven and with a bunch of people I've never met, it's fair to say I was rather nervous. Not that I needed to be, as I don't think I've met a friendlier bunch of people! Everyone I spoke to was more than willing to help with any issues or advice needed on scrutineering and how the event would operate. With my modifications I raced group D3, a road car class for 1,600-2,000cc naturally aspirated cars with limited modifications permitted. Alongside a couple of other Clios, an Elise, an S2000 and a Civic Type R, the competition looked tough.

Still on four wheels? Must try harder!
Still on four wheels? Must try harder!
My first run was a bit of blur trying to focus on remembering the corners, which gear to be in and where to brake. Luckily it was just a practice run, ahead of the eight timed runs that were to follow. By the fourth run, I'd managed to move up into second place, which seemed unfathomable. The Clio 200 holding first had a huge lead of over two seconds; to put that into perspective, there was just over one second between me and eighth place. I did everything to try and shave time off my lap; braking later, adjusting damping rates and tyre pressures, but I had no more talent in the bank and just couldn't go any faster.

Still, I was elated to finish in second place at my first competitive outing. My next sprint in the series is at Snetterton in October, with the aim to take on the full championship next year. But how to go faster? How to close in on that 200? Buy a new car, obviously. But more on that next time!

Watch the video here


2005 Renault Clio 182 Trophy
Run by: Ben Lowden
On fleet since: April 2015
Mileage: 86,039
Purchase price: £4,250
Last month at a glance: Ben goes racing in the Trophy, comes back with a trophy - result!

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[Track shots: Darren O'Brien]

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Comments (12) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Frimley111R 16 Aug 2016

    Sounds great! Is that mostly down to the induction?

  • BenLowden 17 Aug 2016

    Thanks! And yes, purely induction noise. It really makes a difference locating the filter behind the headlight, to both the noise and performance. Well, it feels like it pulls harder at the top end, but it could all be the placebo affect from the noise. Either way I wouldn't have a Clio without it!

  • stuart_83 17 Aug 2016

    Definitely not just good luck ... reliability wise I've owned 3 RS Clios (2 x 172s and a Recaro'd 182 with both cup packs) and all were incredibly reliable.

    Must've racked up about 40k miles between them, and only ever had an alternator and an exhaust go.

    Fantastic little cars, I'll probably end up with another as a second car in a few years biggrin

  • BenLowden 18 Aug 2016

    That's good to hear! I'm now onto my second RS Clio, and I'm struggling to see how I'd not have one in my life, so I'm sure you'll be back.

    And thank you for making your first post on one of my articles too!

  • stuart_83 26 Aug 2016

    BenLowden said:
    That's good to hear! I'm now onto my second RS Clio, and I'm struggling to see how I'd not have one in my life, so I'm sure you'll be back.

    And thank you for making your first post on one of my articles too!
    No probs - I've been following your posts on the Trophy for a while, very nearly bought one for an absolute bargain back in 2007 after my first 172, but ended up going for a MK2 Leon FR new instead. What a mistake! Still have a LOT of love for anything RenaultSport - I'm really tempted by a Megane RS 265/275 in the new year, but its hard to justify with the mileage I do.

    Thought I'd share a few pics of my last 182 - it was pretty mint tbh, had a lovely sounding Scorpion RS192 exhaust and of course it had the all important Recaros fitted from the factory. Quite rare apparently! Still tempted to get one as a second car, as like the Golf R32 there's just never going to be any over-engined naturally aspirated hot hatches again.

    Such a shame.

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