Chiron Super Sport 300 unveiled with 1600hp

You'd have bet your house on Bugatti taking production advantage of its (unofficial) record-breaking run, revealed last week. After all, it did so with the Veyron in the same circumstances, releasing a 30-example run of Super Sport cars as well as five World Record Edition models. The similarly titled Super Sport 300+ will also be limited to a production run of just 30 units - each priced at Β£4.2m.

For that you do get by far the coolest looking Chiron. The 304.77mph car received a host of detailed aerodynamic changes to ensure it properly balanced lift and downforce, and then blacked out the shinier bits for effect. The result is precisely as lean and mean as you'd want a barrier-breaker to look and barring its lower ride height, that would seem to be the car you're buying.

Certainly you'll get all the advantages of the Thor-grade W16 engine, which outputs the same 1,600hp in the production car is it did in the one Andy Wallace drove, along with the longer-geared transmission needed to get it beyond the magic number. Early word on the Super Sport says you'll have a speed limiter to contend with, although apparently Bugatti hasn't decided where it will be set (the standard Chiron's limits you to 261mph).

Such prudence is understandable - after all the 300 won't come as standard with all the safety gear Wallace enjoyed; the interior has been returned to a 'normal' two-seat cabin and there's obviously no roll cage. That said, Top Gear reckons that there's an option for buyers to return the car to Wallace-spec, should they feel the need to emulate his nibbs at Ehra-Lessien. A wish they will apparently be granted, if they care to try their hand at a V-max.

Normally we'd take that suggestion with a pinch of salt (given Volkswagen's notorious prickliness when it comes to people visiting its proving ground) but Β£4.2m probably opens a fair few special doors. And if that price sounds a wee bit extravagant even for a record-breaking hypercar, Bugatti suggests it has already had plenty of interest from Chiron owners in the Super Sport 300+.

You could have bet your house on that, too.

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  • EyeHeartSpellin 09 Sep 2019

    Thank god for that. Can PH now delete the 8.2 million "but it's not a production car" posts from last week?

  • Jon_S_Rally 09 Sep 2019

    This is certainly no surprise. Launching a production version was inevitable.

    Nicest looking modern Bugatti yet, though still not the prettiest thing in the world.

  • 0a 09 Sep 2019

    Looks like the advertising for The Fast and The Furious.

  • AmosMoses 09 Sep 2019

    Awesome, mad to think if you were a very rich newly qualified driver you could buy this and drive it laugh

  • Dave Hedgehog 09 Sep 2019

    i will wait until next months super mega sport 310 is released

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