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Clio 182 | Reader's Car of the Week

We're fans of all fast Clios on PH; this one is a little different to the rest, though...

By Matt Bird / Saturday, June 08, 2019

Is there much left to say about Renaultsport Clios? Probably not, but that won't stop us trying to think of something. Cheap and hilarious fun when new, now even cheaper and just as much fun, the 172s and 182s are surely destined for classic status. PHer 'andyc123_123' took full advantage of the incredible value for money the Clios represent back in 2016, purchasing a 2004 Racing Blue 182 for just £950. As you might be able to tell, it's not quite the same car three years later...

The most obvious change is the fantastic Michelin wrap, redolent of the F2 Megane rally cars that raced in the late 90s. To these eyes it looks fantastic, a credit to the work done by 3SixtyWraps in Northampton. And there's no chance of losing it anywhere! The modifications are more than cosmetic, too, with the Clio having an entirely stripped interior as well as intake work, new exhaust and a sports cat. There's more to come, with Andy planning an independent throttle body conversion at some point.

It looks like a fantastic project; as all old Clios do, truth be told, but this one especially so given the aesthetic. We admire your boldness, AndyC, and the finished product just as much. Hopefully there will be more to see soon!

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