Thread of the Day: First track day car

We’re deep into spring, so weekend wheels and trackday hacks have long begun emerging from their winter caves to be put back into regular use in the warmer climate. Some PHers already have themselves an ideal car to enjoy the sunshine, but those cars don’t always equate into an ideal machine for the circuit. Take PHer usn90, for example, proud owner of a Ferrari F355.

While Maranello’s pretty Berlinetta would undoubtedly provide all the sorts of thrills a track day driver craves when let loose on circuit, its preciousness means usn90 understandably wants to purchase something more suitable to sharing the asphalt with a group of strangers hell bent on exploring the limits of their own machines. He needs something both cheaper and reliable enough to handle the heat of a track day; cue a discussion on the best way to go.

Many of us will be familiar with the more-often-than-not civilised nature of UK track days, but will also understand the fear a newcomer might have in approaching their first stint on circuit. It’s probably no coincidence that cheap but relatively quick cars like Clio 182s, Civic Type Rs and Mazda MX-5s are regularly the vehicle of choice for budget-capped track day drivers (like me). But would they be enough to satisfy someone used to the rich sounds of a V8 that revs to 8,800rpm? Or will the search have to involve higher ranking alternatives?

The discussion is already in full swing, so let usn90 know where your money would go and why – those with experience of part-time track machines will no doubt have stories of success (and failure!) to share. Have your say here.

P.H. O'meter

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