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Cars like the Cupra Formentor are a little tough to pigeonhole. Is it a crossover? Is it an SUV? Is it a jacked-up hot hatch? So let’s go with a little from column A, a little from column B and a little from column C shall we? 

Crucially, though, the Formentor was the first model from the sporty brand that was spun off from Seat that has no analogue in the regular seat range – this is a Cupra-only model. There’s also a full suite of drivetrain choices, from relatively mild 1.5-litre front-drive petrols all the way to 300hp-plus 2.0–litre models with four-wheel drive and Golf R-chasing performance. In between those there’s also a pair of plug-in hybrids. If you want a fully electric Cupra, mind, you’ll have to go for the Born hatchback.

There’s nothing really standout about the Formentor, but it’s a well-rounded package that’s good to drive, pretty to look at and which delivers reasonable performance from most engines in the range. What’s the opposite of ‘damning with faint praise’? Recommending with faint praise? Well, that’s how we feel about the Formentor. An oddly likeable car.

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