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The super-fast Rangie was treated to a facelift in 2018, bringing power from its 5.0-litre supercharged V8 to 575hp. Earlier models had a little less, but 550hp was hardly to be sniffed at. And the way it puts its power onto the road is, basically, via a V8 tannoy: this car is LOUD.

Fast, too – 0-62mph in the facelifted model comes in 4.3 seconds and top speed is an impressive 176mph. That’s not as fast as a BMW X5 M Competition or a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E Hybrid but then, honestly, you probably wouldn’t want it to be, because the Rangie is rather more roly-poly than either the BMW or the Porsche.

But clipping apexes isn’t really the point of a car like the Range Rover Sport SVR. This is more of an extrovert’s cruiser. As a driver of this car, you’re basically saying ‘yes, I know it’s a bit daft, but isn’t it also a little bit wonderful?’

Political correctness be damned: just revel in that exhaust note and smugly tell anyone who asks that it still rides pretty well, despite the 21-inch (or optional 22-inch) alloys.

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