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On sale for a quarter of a century, the Lotus Elise is one of the most long-lived models in the entire sports car genre, especially considering its clever bonded aluminium platform carried on essentially unchanged for the whole of the model’s life.  
 That’s not to say the Elise didn’t change at all, of course. When the S3 came along in 2010, it sported a bluffer front with larger, triangular headlights, plus a new rear bumper/diffuser that gave it more than a whiff of the more hardcore Exige coupe. The entry-level engine for the S3 was the 134hp 1.6 that also served in the Toyota Auris family hatch. It was certainly more amusing in the (still) lightweight Elise. There was also the supercharged 220hp Toyota 1.8 in the S variant, which became the Sport 220 later in the S3’s life, alongside more hardcore-focused models with 250 or even 260hp. 
 But despite the myriad changes and various engines, the S3 Elise still possesses the agility and unmistakable flow that made the S1 cars so special. More than two decades on, and now finally out of production, that trademark Lotus handling magic is still defined by the Elise.

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