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For a car whose production run spanned a pretty significant 12 years, the styling of the Maserati GranTurismo changed barely one iota. Still, when you look as good as this Italian GT coupe did from the get-go, you’re not going to be inclined to mess with the formula too much.

Underneath the svelte bodywork you’ll find a sonorous V8 – an apt word, since the engine note was tuned with help from a composer at Milan’s La Scala opera house – of either 4.2 or 4.8 litres and power from 405hp in early models, 440hp in the ‘S’ cars or 450hp for the MC Stradale. And if you want to enjoy the noise even more, then there’s a convertible version for that.

But despite the stirring soundtrack, the GranTurismo is not for those who wish to find a mountain pass immediately and throw themselves at it with joyful abandon. Get a 911 if you want to do that. No, the Maserati is a relaxed and luxurious cruiser, for breezing across continents in leather-upholstered style. True, the fastest versions can nudge 190mph, but you won’t be able to catch a glimpse of how good you look reflected in that shop window at that sort of speed, will you?

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