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The wonderfully entertaining GR Yaris is a joy to behold for those of us who thought homologation rally specials had basically died in the mid-2000s, with the last of the rally-bred specials from Subaru and Mitsubishi.  

The GR Yaris is very much heir to that throne, though, created as it has been to meet WRC requirements. In some ways it’s even madder than the Imprezas and Lancers of old – almost none of the body panels are shared between the regular Yaris and this three-door, four-wheel drive homologation hero.  

There’s little in common with the regular Yaris in how it drives, either. This is genuinely one of the most engaging, exciting, and entertaining cars around. And not just in the context of hot hatches: this is one of the best performance cars of the past decade, period.  

Given the relatively low sticker price when new, it’s also a bit of a bargain, although the desirable Circuit Pack (which brings front and rear limited-slip differentials among other goodies) does cost extra. This car will always be an in-demand rarity, though, so depreciation is hardly going to be an issue.

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