Frequently asked questions

    • First, we’ll have you enter a few basic details about your car, like its registration, mileage and service history. If everything checks out, we’ll show you the best offer, sourced from our trusted partners at The Car Buying Group. If you want to accept this offer, proceed to where you can schedule a pickup time and confirm any remaining details. On pickup day, a driver will come get your car and you’ll get paid. Easy peasy.

    • We’ve partnered with The Car Buying Group because they have years of experience in valuing and buying cars. It is important that you take your time to give us complete and accurate information, as all the information you provide is taken into account and cars are individually priced based on these details. If you feel your car has extras that will increase its value and you have not been able to submit these online, please email

    • Your offer is valid for 7 days!

    • You will be paid by immediate bank transfer!

    • The Car Buying Group pays you instantly! In some cases, money can be in your account within 15 minutes; however, please allow up to 2 hours for it to reach your account.

    • We require your email address because we send you confirmation of our valuation by email, and we require your phone number in case we have any questions about your car.

    • Some cars won't be eligible for an offer. Reasons include high mileage, exotic or rare models, or non-drivable conditions. If your car has any of these issues, it's possible you won't get an offer.