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BMW's autonomous R1200GS on video

You thought autonomous cars were odd? Wait until you've seen the bike that does the same...

By Matt Bird / Thursday, September 13, 2018

Last year BMW revealed to the world the R1200RS ConnectedRide prototype; with a host of technologies including Vehicle to Vehicle Communication and a Differential Global Navigation Satellite System, it aimed to make riding a motorcycle safer, more connected and less dangerous. A year later and that concept has taken another leap forward - it can move autonomously.

Yep, here's a bike that doesn't require a rider. Shown at BMW's Motorrad Tech Day in Miramas, the BMW - that's now an R1200GS - can start, accelerate, corner and stop independently. As you can see in the video below, it's equal parts impressive and spooky. Interestingly BMW says it "is by no means aiming for a completely independent motorbike." Instead, as with the original concept, the ambition is to make cycling "more comfortable and increase the riding pleasure." It will be tested to discover more about dangerous situations and the appropriate safety tech to support the ride in those.

There isn't much more issued in the press material, though further details are discussed in the video. Without plans to fully automate motorcycling, surely the introduction of new safety measures, improved stability and more control is a good thing? Over to the PHers on two wheels...

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