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Wednesday 3rd April 2013
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sorry if this is a re post but I though some of you might like to see some pictures from the recently completed Lands End trial. I think this is one of the few remaining really accessible (for both competitors and spectators) motorsports still left out there.

Although I am a Cornish boy I haven't lived there for a long time so thanks to my brother for taking these pics.

The thing I always used to like about the trial was the "well, I didn't expect to see someone trying it with one of those...." factor that you just don't get in other motor sport any more imho (I am ready to be challenged on this of course!). And as other motorsport seems to be getting more and more generic the LET gets increasingly eclectic.

For these pics I have concentrated on the odd stuff, as that is what I love. If I was taking the pictures there would have been more of the bikes and sidecars too..

I love this age od Skoda. Mrs Syncro16 is form Slovakia and she has one of these, it sits there for years doing nothing and then once I a blue moon I kick it into life and we drive around in it with no problems for a few weeks and then park it up again for another 2 years! great cars

One of several TR7's. I never used to like them but thing they, really weirdly, look great in this guise

And the "bl**dy hell is that a ___......" prize goes to: -

Has anyone else got any more pictures? especially the odd ones....


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Wednesday 3rd April 2013
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Some folks I know completed the trial in a red Marlin, got any photo's? I'll point them in the direction of this thread.


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Wednesday 3rd April 2013
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Driving back to london on monday on the m5 i saw that scimitar ss it had 2 spare wheels bolted on the boot and a cage also saw a 3 wheeled reliant convertible of some kind with a cage, thanks for posting i now know where they had been.