Emerald green Senna almost has us convinced

There is no configurator for the Senna. Or not an online one at any rate. Its customers are ushered straight into MSO's embrace, where the sky is the proverbial limit. Of course the challenge of such a bespoke process is agonising over what you really want - a prospect made all the more difficult when the stock car underneath is, um... challenging, to look at already.

That probably wasn't an issue for Michael Fux, though, the first lucky customer to take delivery of a Senna in North America. The car-collecting mattress magnate is famously unrepentant when it comes to matching colours with cars, and if that means ordering a McLaren 720S in Fuchsia (think child's tricycle purple), then so be it.

With the Senna though, things are different. Previously we thought that Mad Max black might be the saviour of McLaren's savage track car, but these photos almost make the Emerald Green-tinted carbon fibre look the business. Right up the point where you look inside and it all goes a bit Wizard of Oz. So close, Michael.

We'll content ourselves instead with the recently launched 600 LT configurator, where McLaren has deigned to let mere mortals splash about in the cost options. Papaya spark, anyone?

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