£15,000 giveaway: decisions, decisions

Thanks to our friends at Adrian Flux insurance we're in the incredible position to offer you a cash injection of up to £10,000 into your next purchase from the PH classifieds. With a second prize of £5,000 to the same ends there are going to be two very happy PHers who suddenly find their buying options widened considerably.

So how do you stand a chance of winning this amazing prize? The full details of how to enter, T&Cs and the rest can be found here. And the entry form itself is here.

Suitably inspired what would you spend the money on? Well, that £5K alone gives you some pretty tempting options. A quick browse threw up some pretty varied and interesting metal to suit all tastes. How about a brawny 350Z roadster? Or maybe an Alpina fettled E46 3 Series? If you're feeling brave you could even lay it down on a Porsche 928.

And if you scoop the top prize of £10,000? Well, the true PHer would have to consider this classic slice of Blackpool rock in the shape of a TVR Chimaera. Or maybe you want something a bit more hardcore and manic, like a Mitsubishi Evo VIII.

Boost your budget with a cash injection
Boost your budget with a cash injection
Of course, if you were already out shopping and have some money set aside you could use either prize to increase your buying power. A nice example. Maybe you were about to lay down £27K on this very nice 2009 Boxster S PDK on sale at Official Porsche Centre Leeds. Lovely car. But with another £10K in your pocket all of a sudden you could have this faster, lighter, much more interesting and purist 2010 Boxster Spyder with fewer miles, also for sale at an OPC. You can see how we used the filters - age, mileage, etc - in the new and improved classifieds with the two searches here and here. There are, surely, countless other examples. But that's where you come in! Have a play with the classifieds search tools, tell us how you'd spend the money, why the car you've chosen merits it and why you deserve to win and the money could be yours.

Good luck and thanks again to Adrian Flux for supporting this fabulous competition.



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  • st24kane 18 Jan 2013

    just out of interest, does it have to be a car? or can a 2 wheeled variant be allowed? smile

  • ApGt 18 Jan 2013

    That TVR looks awful! Looks like a cheap kit car, completely wrong wheels. Porsche 928 on the other hand, yes please.

  • ALY77 18 Jan 2013

    Worth mentioning you are limited to 250 words for the entry.

    Something I discovered having initially written 800 or so...

  • HKP 18 Jan 2013

    I wrote a poem, it was only about 60 words!

  • Draexin 18 Jan 2013

    Bugger, no Dutchies allowed.. I feel discriminated against wink

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