Jaguar C-X75 cancelled

Jaguar has been on a bit of a high of late, and one likely to continue with the arrival of the much anticipated F-Type. But the C-X75 won't be joining it. As reported widely today, not least by our colleagues at Autocar, the radical and rather beautiful turbine-powered hybrid supercar is simply too much for the prevailing economic climate.

Three of the five built will be sold - tempted?
Three of the five built will be sold - tempted?
Which is a shame, because there was much to admire about the concept, not least its looks. But also the technology. While others, notably Porsche with the 918 Spyder, try and combine existing technology with electric tech to answer the cry for new-age hybrid supercars Jaguar's turbine technology was genuinely something different. And had been much admired as such, scooping awards including 'Most Significant Concept Vehicle of 2011' from the North American Concept Vehicle awards and a Louis Vuitton 'Classic Concept' gong too.

Perhaps burned by the experience of the XJ220 Jaguar has decided to put the investment required into the C-X75 into other areas, though you can be sure the money already spent won't have gone to waste as the move to hybridisation gathers momentum.

And what of the five prototypes? Three of them will apparently be auctioned off. Form an orderly queue...

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  • Frimley111R 11 Dec 2012

    Burned by the exprience of the XJ200 over 20 yrs ago? Tenuous link award here I think hehe

    Any idea why it was cancelled? Autocar is hardly the 'gospel'.

  • Dazed & Confused 11 Dec 2012

    "the radical and rather beautiful turbine-powered hybrid supercar is simply too much for the prevailing economic climate."

    No, a "radical and rather beautiful turbine-powered hybrid supercar" would sell just fine. Multi-squillionaires don't even notice global economic downturns. (Jag themselves admit they already had expressions of interest for 100 out of a total run of 250.)

    The trouble was Jag had dropped the specs from 4 electric motors and 2 turbines, to 2 leccy motors and a 1.6 twincharged engine. That's not the car that all those people had expressed interest in.

    Far too similar to the XJ220 incident for comfort....

    Edited by Dazed & Confused on Tuesday 11th December 11:42

  • 300bhp/ton 11 Dec 2012

    Now why can't they just sell something this good looking for Boxster money with a normal engine in? Sod the fugly F-Type.

  • Cheib 11 Dec 2012


  • tonker 11 Dec 2012

    what a surprise. Headlines grabbed by fantasy car that turns out to be a fantasy.... they could never have made it, even for the equivalent cost of an XJ220 today. I'd be surprised if the prototypes are anything more than styling mules.

    I would suggest that they need to get their money into whatever the Indians and Chinese want - which seems to be long wheelbase saloon cars. So get a 3 series rival out there sharpish. And see if they can make a convertible that isn't XK money..... have a crack at the higher end SLK/Z4//Boxster market.

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