Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet - official!

Mercedes-Maybach is at it again. Last year at Pebble Beach, the Vision 6 Coupe was revealed; this year the company has gone and cut the roof off it!

It isn't quite as simple as that though. Where the Coupe is described as "a reinterpretation of classic, aesthetic principles", specifically the aero coupes of days gone by, this cabriolet is said to also boast "breathtaking proportions combined with a luxurious 'haute couture' interior ... to create the ultimate experience."

Proportions are the same as the coupe at 5.7m long and 2.1m wide, with power coming from four compact magnet synchronous electric motors. These put out a total of 750hp (550kW), making the 6 Cabriolet capable of hitting 62mph in less than four seconds and giving it an NEDC range of 500km. DC charging would mean the battery could be topped up with 100km of range in just five minutes.

The maritime theme is apparent in the round 'boat tail' that apparently recalls a luxury yacht - Sweptail, anyone? - as well as the nautical blue metallic paint. The roof is a custom made fabric top interwoven with rose gold threads to compliment the 24-inch rose gold wheels. Once said roof has been stowed, the '360-degree open-air luxury lounge' can be seen in its entirety. Open-pore wood flooring with aluminium inlays furthers the yachting connection, whilst the diamond pattern quilted white leather is held to the seats by Mercedes star buttons backlit in blue. Thanks to the electric powertrain, interior space is plentiful, allowing designers to visualise the drive system's electrical energy flow via blue fibre optics within the transparent centre tunnel.

The designers say they have responded to the "need of people to experience analogue luxury in what is an increasingly digital world" by integrating the display elements into a continuous glass trim. The digital dials are combined with real needles and two heads up displays show relevant information on the windscreen. Biometric sensors record the state of mind and healthiness of the passengers and, should they need anything, the Concierge function will allow the driver to speak with the car in a seamlessly natural way, without the use of predefined voice commands.

Will there be a production version? There's no confirmation yet and, should it reach production, expect all of them to be spoken for pretty damn quickly!







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  • User33678888 19 Aug 2017

    Yes please!

  • ZOLLAR 19 Aug 2017

    I must say, that really is very nice!
    love the front end, possible hint at how Mercedes front grill will evolve in future years?

  • Quhet 19 Aug 2017

    Wouldn't fancy parallel parking it

  • Otispunkmeyer 19 Aug 2017

    This is gorgeous, especially from the rear. The interior has a few gaudy touches like this blue light up Merc badges and the blue tubes that wouldn't look out of place on a geeky water cooled gaming PC, but I love the deco style dials.

    That side profile is just sweet!

  • PeterGadsby 19 Aug 2017

    That really is a thing of beauty the line from front to back is stunning

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