'Rolls-Royce' Minis On The Way

Rolls-Royce trimmed Mini 'spy shots'...
Rolls-Royce trimmed Mini 'spy shots'...
Rolls-Royce and BMW execs have confirmed the existence of a project to develop a bespoke luxury version of the BMW Mini, which will potentially be offered as the 'ultimate' option through Mini dealers.

One car - based on a JCW Mini - has already been prepared by the Rolls-Royce wood and leather workshops, and was shown confidentially to Mini dealers at their annual gathering earlier this year.

Unlike Aston Martin's Cygnet - a project to rebrand the Toyota iQ and thus help reduce the company's CO2 footprint, the Rolls-Royce trimmed Minis are not designed to be offered for sale via the R-R network. Indeed it has not even been decided whether the cars will carry any Rolls-Royce badging.

...reveal luxury interior trim
...reveal luxury interior trim
The project was instigated by Mini brand marketeers looking for ways to emulate some of the luxury kudos associated with the original Mini through the work of coachbuilders like Wood and Pickett and Radford.

No time-scale has been announced for the project, and Rolls-Royce says there's no imminent production plan - but that 'concept work' is ongoing.


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  • blindswelledrat 19 Nov 2009

    Perfect example of how you can't polish a st

  • ronin. 19 Nov 2009

    Luxury mini - oxymoron...

    Pile of filth

  • Gylen 19 Nov 2009

    sttest thing ever. I hate that.

  • Staffy1984 19 Nov 2009

    Does it really have to be RR.

    Surely they could have clad it in wood and leather themselves!!

    Couldn't they have got alpina to do the same job for less.

    Looks really nice, but seems like a complete waste of money for anyone looking to buy one of these. this is all price dependant of course, but I can't see one of these holding much more value over a standard JCW.

  • Patrick Bateman 19 Nov 2009

    I love Mini interiors, this one is no different.

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