Save Lyneham track days!

Everybody loves a track day, don't they? All the effort put into making your car fast can finally be enjoyed in a safe and well monitored environment, with like-minded folk too. So when PH was alerted to the demise of a track day venue, our campaign cap was dug out of the cupboard.

The former MOD base at Lyneham in Wiltshire has been used for track days since its closure as an RAF base at the end of 2012. They've been run by Motorsport Events and also offered driver training courses as well. Sadly, a decision was taken in February by local MP James Gray and Colonel Ed Heal to cease "motorcar track days" for 2018, citing "a great deal of concern" from local people as the reason.

Now Motorsport Events are of course upset at the decision, with a petition now started to James Gray for a review and "proper analysis of noise and environmental impact for local residents to be undertaken." It argues that its track days provide a "safe, controlled and fun environment for guests to enjoy their cars", and that income will be lost by the base.

In less than a week the petition has attracted more than 2,000 signatures, so let's see if PH can get a few more on that list. Run correctly track days are the best way for enthusiasts to make the most of their cars and their ability, and it would be a shame to see another venue disappear. We've signed the petition - now to you!

Sign the petition here.
PHers are discussing Lyneham's closure already - join the discussion here.