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Stickered-up for Le Mans: Thread of the Day

With a month to go until our annual PHLM pilgrimage, it's time to get your cars attired (in)appropriately for the trip...

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, May 14, 2019

For many, the biggest draw of Le Mans is not the on-track action, but rather the trip itself. Be it the journey to France in your car on routes packed with Le Mans-bound machinery, the camaraderie with like-minded racing enthusiasts or the BBQs and partying, the world's most famous 24-hour race is far more than just the motorsport. For some PHers, it's also an opportunity to sticker up their cars - with some hilarious results.

This year's stickered-up thread is now running, with early entries including a returnee from 2018, jiggerj60's Ford GT-liveried Galaxy, complete with fixed rear wing, and Joe5y's 'Fake Taxi', er, taxi - which has 393,000 miles on the clock! Others have kept things slightly more discreet with window and bonnet stickers, but we're expecting plenty more standout designs to be finished in the coming weeks. This is PH, after all.

No doubt many of the best will be joining us on the 2019 PH Le Mans trip, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary and will welcome back our private, fenced-off camp site and 1st Tickets marquee. If you're coming in a stickered up car, credit to you - let us see how it looks on the stickered-up thread. If you're not yet signed up but want to join, there are still a few spaces left; more details can be found here. Stickered or not, the 2019 trip is set to be a real corker.

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