Time for Tea? R500 vs 996 GT2

It's quite an old video, this one, having been shot way back in 2009. But 8m 29s of a buzzy little 500kg Caterham R500 terrorizing a 996 GT2 around the Nurburgring is always worth a look, even if you've seen it before.

Although the GT2 clearly has the legs of the Caterham on the straights, it simply can't keep up on the tighter sections, even when the driver is indulging in some, er, rather lairy cornering techniques.

Talking of the driver, it's one Dario Margutti of Mythos Cars, the Italian distributor for Caterham and Gardner Douglas (you may remember him from this equally heroic Gardener Douglas GD70 video). A man with balls of tungsten, clearly...

Thanks to PHer Plotloss for reminding us of this fab pair of videos...



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  • Numeric 11 Jul 2012

    Why is there a special section in the company car handbook we recieved that specifically details the days of torture and instant dismissal if we take the car to the 'ring? Seeing stuff like this just makes me sooo want to go!!

  • Denver09 11 Jul 2012

    Incredible skill from both drivers. The Caterham looks like a real handful!

  • mig25_foxbat2003 11 Jul 2012

    That guy in the R500 has titanium testes!

  • Keith ctr 11 Jul 2012

    Awesome and scary @ 2:15 eek

  • Kamox 11 Jul 2012

    I know personally both drivers! biggrin
    And I'm nowhere near their driving skills... getmecoat
    The 996 driver (a very nice person, btw) offered me a couple of laps of the 'Ring in his previous car, a Z3M coupè with "optimized" chassis and semislick tires... unbelievable skills and speed...

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