BMW M5 Touring (E34): Spotted

As you may well be aware, there's a new BMW M5 coming very soon. Given the significance of the car - and given how good M5s typically are - you hopefully won't mind us at PH dedicating a fair few pages to all things M5 over the coming months. So in addition to battling with Frankfurt showgoers to get a seat in one next month, there's a heritage drive soon and probably one or two videos as well. If you like M5s, then we've got you covered.

Everybody repeat after us: "Oooooooh, that's nice"
Everybody repeat after us: "Oooooooh, that's nice"
While expectations are high for the new car, it can be stated with some certainty that there's one thing it won't deliver: another M5 Touring. Yep, this old chestnut again. With the previous generation having not spawned an estate, and with the M5-engined SUVs doing as well as they are, it seems extremely unlikely that anything other than a saloon will be offered. Not only does that seem a shame because fast wagons are cool, it also seems an odd move as both the key rivals offer load-lugging loonies. Indeed Audi of course only offers the RS6 as an Avant, and it will be very interesting to see the UK split between E63 estate and four-door. Plus the fact that, with a new XF Sportbrake on the way, another V8 one is a distinct possibility.

The solution? Talk about how brilliant the old ones are, of course! Now the E61 M5 has been covered previously on these pages - and still looks remarkable value - but it's very seldom that there's chance to discuss the E34 M5 Touring. Not only because it was left-hand drive only, but also because it was produced in tiny numbers: just 891 were ever produced, and don't forget too that the last one of those will have been made 22 years ago.

Proper M car straight six
Proper M car straight six
So to see one for sale in the UK is a real find, something to have M car aficionados reaching for the tricolour tissues in feverish anticipation. Its rarity is highlighted in no uncertain terms by the advert: 'CURRENTLY NO OTHER BMW M5 E34 EVO TOURING FOR SALE IN THE UK'. We're not going to doubt that having searched elsewhere, and just 209 were produced in this later six-speed spec. In fact it's hard to think of a better combination for an M5 Touring: Avus Blue, black leather, a late car with the six-speed gearbox and Nurburgring package, bits plus the 18-inch M Parallel wheels. Moreover, while it might be stretch to call a car with 127,000 miles 'low mileage', this M5 looks pretty damn good. Yes, the driver's seat looks a little saggy, but the wheels are unblemished and the paintwork gleams. Looks bloody fabulous actually, doesn't it?

Β£60,000 though...
Β£60,000 though...
The downside? Well, it's Β£60,000. When it was just three years ago that PH featured a saloon available at Β£4,495, that looks expensive. However we are now living in the world of the Β£80K Audi RS2 (seriously); in that context the M5's price looks understandable. And it's hardly like it's the only classic M car to have skyrocketed in value recently, is it? You could pay more for an M3 convertible...

No doubt it will probably still cost a lot to run, and with it apparently now worth so much you may be hesitant to drive it, but the M5 Touring's status as one the legends is assured. Perhaps now more than ever, actually. Whether it's assured enough to be Β£60K remains to be answered, though it would be sorely, sorely tempting for us should the numbers for that draw (that we never enter) come up.

3,795cc straight-six
Transmission: 6-speed manual, rear-wheel drive, LSD
Power (hp): 347@6,900rpm
Torque (lb ft): 295@4,750rpm
MPG: Less than a new one
CO2: More than a new one
First registered: 1994
Recorded mileage: 127,000
Price new: Costly
Yours for: Β£59,990

Original advert here.

[Source: BMWMRegistry]

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  • Limpet 29 Aug 2017

    One of these came past me on the M3 a few weeks ago. I thought it was a badge job - didn't know they were even a thing.

    What a car! smile

  • JMF894 29 Aug 2017

    Nice car but priced by an asylum escapee

  • Numeric 29 Aug 2017

    For a garage queen with say 35k miles I could see this getting there - they are superb looking cars in my opinion.

    But with 128k up I think it is nuts - not sure what its value is but in this ludicrous market I would say maybe £30k; but ten years ago would it have been sub £10k?

  • stevieeg 29 Aug 2017

    One of these sold recently for USD 120,000. Admittedly it was a 78K miler with a far nicer colour combination to my mind.

    Still crazy money for a 127K mile car.

  • SturdyHSV 29 Aug 2017

    Great looking car, and those are the high point in BMW wheel design for me cloud9

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