Reader's Car of the Week: Caterham 620R

We like Caterhams at PistonHeads - you may have noticed. As the world moves ever closer towards electrification and automation, to have a car with a screaming internal combustion engine, no traction control and no ABS becomes ever more appealing. In so many cars now the driver is merely cargo, but in a Caterham you're an integral part of getting the thing working; do it well and the car will feel fabulous, but do it badly and, well, it doesn't feel so great.

PHer 'nigelpugh7' - see what you did there Nigel - clearly subscribes to that ideology as well. Having owned one of the very rare Superlight 20 Sevens, Nigel decided that he needed something both easier to maintain and faster. Or, in his words, "it was missing something in the power stakes, and in all truth that alloy body was a total nightmare to keep clean." The solution? A supercharged 620R...

The 620R is the very pinnacle of the Seven range, packing more than 300hp and a sequential gearbox into that tiny little car. It is quite possibly the most visceral, most thrilling and most hilarious car on sale today - my abiding memory of the 620R was thinking it was quite brisk, only then realising that the speedo was in mph and not, as I thought, in kph...

Nigel is putting his 620R to very good use, taking it out frequently on road and track with friends. It's been to Caterham meets, to Curborough and even to Santa Pod - bravo for using it Nigel! Using his Caterham experience he has also made one or two worthwhile changes already, removing the dash trim and the seat runners. If you're going to be the only one driving it...

It looks fantastic fun, Nigel's Sakhir Orange Seven, and we're glad to see it's being driven as intended. We hope you continue to enjoy it, so please keep updating the thread with your adventures!

Take a look at the Seven, our Reader's Car of the Week, here.


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