Liberty Walk Jimny - update!

UPDATE - 09/01/2019
Much was said of the Jimny's mini-me G-Class aesthetic even before Liberty Walk's overhaul. Now with both Suzuki and Mercedes complete by the Japanese tuners, the similarities are even more pronounced. The silhouette, the details, the stance - the commonalities are uncanny.

So while this type of off-roader, either big or small, may not be to all tastes, it's remarkable to note how similar Jimny and G-Class are. So here are as many pics as we could get hold of!

It says a lot about the reputation of Liberty Walk now that it can launch a new model with absolutely no details whatsoever and still catch the attention of all the automotive news outlets. Probably helps that it's the adorable new Suzuki Jimny in this case, though...

"We are pleased to announced the launch of first LB SUV in our history!" proclaims Liberty Walk's Instagram post, continuing: "New LB style and more aggressive! It will be released this year! We accept pre order now!" Certainly the more aggressive element is in no doubt, the Jimny now boasting ginormous arch extensions, roof lights and scoops. Those BBS-style wheels look a good deal larger than standard as well. And it that a rear spoiler?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the 'G mini' numberplate, this Jimny launched on the same day as LB's latest G-Class upgrades. If it mimics the big Merc as standard, why shouldn't the Jimny follow the G's lead as a modified car? It'll be easier to park as well.

Beyond what you can see here, there are no further details yet available on what the tuner has planned for the Jimny. But suffice it to say we're very interested to learn more. Because, whether you're willing to admit it or not, you kinda quite fancy one too - don't you?

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  • Ilovejapcrap 10 Aug 2018


  • SlimJim16v 10 Aug 2018

    Other than the arches and possibly the splitter, it looks like lots of pointless ugly crap.

  • Gandahar 10 Aug 2018

    Compared to their other crap this look almost sane, which shows how good the new Jimny retro style body is.
    Not sure you need those wide tyres with the maximum cubic engine the jimny comes with though. is it 1400cc with 80bhp? ahem

    Better buying a standard one and spending money with Uk offroading suppliers so it can take your dog for a dog walk up Ben Hope without you getting out of the car.

  • jnoiles 10 Aug 2018

    Worst. mspaint. Wheelarches. Ever.

  • Galsia 10 Aug 2018

    I have as much respect for Liberty Walk as I do for Mansory. Pure garbage.

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