New Vehicle Dev Chief Engineer at Lotus

More significant staff news for Lotus. There is nothing further on the company restructure, but it has now been confirmed that Matt Becker will be leaving his role as Chief Engineer of Vehicle Test and Development after more than a quarter of a century.

Becker has set a high standard to be continued
Becker has set a high standard to be continued
Becker's is a name inextricably linked with Lotus in recent years. Lord knows he's featured on PH enough, with Danny's Elise getting the seal of approval, an interview in Harris's Exige video and talking Dan around the Bond Esprit.

But worry not for the future of Lotus. Becker is being replaced by Dave Marler, who has been with Lotus for 17 years. Furthermore, Lotus has reassigned Gavan Kershaw 'additional responsibilities for dynamic attributes and evaluation'. Kershaw is currently Technical Manager for Lotus Motorsport and has also developed road cars including the original Exige and S2 Elise. Between them they have a huge amount of experience with Lotus cars and Lotus Engineering's wider OEM projects.

Of Dave Marler's appointment, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales said: "His experience means that he is perfectly placed to lead Lotus Cars in ensuring that the process of objective development of Lotus cars is to time, to budget and to specification - and at the same time... making the Lotus driving experience is made even better." A tough ask then, but Marler sounds like the right person for the job and of course has Kershaw in support too.

Becker's future is unconfirmed at present. There are rumours of him joining Aston Martin but nothing official as yet. Once there's anything further to update we'l of course let you know. Don't forget in 2015 we've got the Elise Cup and Exige auto coming from Lotus as well. Plenty more Hethel news to follow!

P.H. O'meter

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  • mrdemon 09 Dec 2014

    " Exige auto"

    woo hoo

    just drop a nice engine into a Evora and bring one up for sale at £55k with 380BHp under the 220 Co2 limit at 1250kg.

    I do wonder what all the guys in Lotus are doing behind their desks, making up SD Elise's with new paint jobs !!!
    or now Exige V6 ltd ed paint jobs it seems.

  • Frimley111R 09 Dec 2014

    Oh god, its you again.

  • kambites 09 Dec 2014

    mrdemon said:
    just drop a nice engine into a Evora and bring one up for sale at £55k with 380BHp under the 220 Co2 limit at 1250kg.
    "Just"? rofl

    I'd love to see a 1250kg Evora, but it ain't going to happen without a six figure price tag.

  • SrMoreno 09 Dec 2014

    Every Lotus thread on PH said:
    Lotus' strategy is all wrong. What they should be doing is selling lightweight sports cars for less money than a three-year-old Boxster. Also, they should weigh less than the average driver and have a V8. Of course, I still wouldn't buy one then, because the neighbours wouldn't recognise the badge.
    That should save everyone some time.

  • JamStar 09 Dec 2014

    I was going to ask what car he's sitting in in the picture but worked out it's a Lotus Elan...

    ...if anyone's interested. No just me. Ok.


    Edited by JamStar on Tuesday 9th December 14:56

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