Focus RS owners offered 'free repair'

Ford's problems with early examples of the Focus RS's 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine are well documented (not least in the forums) but it's taken a while for the manufacturer to arrive at a blanket solution for anyone suffering a plume of white smoke emerging from their car's exhaust at start up.

A statement released today announces that, "owners of 2016-17 Focus RS vehicles are being offered a free inspection and repair, regardless of warranty or mileage status, for concerns of white exhaust smoke and/or coolant consumption stemming from an issue with cylinder head gaskets."

Crucially, its dealers are under instruction to "test the cooling system, replace the cylinder head gasket and replace the cylinder head, as required, at no cost to the customer." Given that Ford had reportedly already resorted to replacing entire engines in some cars still under warranty, the news doesn't come as a complete surprise, although the maker will hope that it helps puts a few minds at ease - not least in the model's buoyant secondhand market.

While clearly acknowledging an issue, the Blue Oval hasn't quite got around to explaining the root cause. The idea that the head gasket is failing to seal properly is obviously confirmed by the nature of the fix - although the suspicion that the engine block itself is prone to warping after multiple heat cycles isn't specifically addressed. Regardless, any RS owner concerned about their car burning coolant fluid to spectacular effect is now encouraged to contact their local franchise dealer.



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  • TroubledSoul 23 Jan 2018

    Does this mean that "Independant Lee" is off the hook then? laugh

  • indapendentlee 23 Jan 2018

    I think he'd turned up the wick if I remember that classic thread correctly!

  • Krikkit 23 Jan 2018

    Good news for owners, and respect to Ford for honouring it for cars even outside of warranty (i.e. modified).

  • dibblecorse 23 Jan 2018

    Krikkit said:
    Good news for owners, and respect to Ford for honouring it for cars even outside of warranty (i.e. modified).
    Doesnt say anything about modified vehicles from what I can see, nothing beyond warranty status and mileage, suspected modified ones are still buggered !!

  • treeroy 23 Jan 2018

    Umm. Stop sucking up to Ford. It's not a "free repair", it's a warranty fix. "regardless of warranty", well there aint a lot of Focus RSes that are out of warranty unless they've done 60K miles in a year! Stop giving them promotion. Don't celebrate a fault.

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