Lister announces 'world's fastest SUV'

Lister's rebirth seems to be continuing apace with news that the F-Type-based Thunder (since rebranded the LFT-666) is to be followed by an F-Pace-based SUV, the LFP.

With the majority of performance manufacturers having identified expansion into the cash cow SUV market as a vital step towards financial stability, Lister has made no secret of its intention to enter the segment. What we didn't know until today, though, was just how all in it would be going.

Full details and an official reveal are yet to come, but for now Lister has set the cat among the pigeons by announcing that on launch the LFP will become the world's fastest SUV. To accomplish this it'll see the 550hp produced by Jaguar's own upcoming F-Pace SVR, and raise it to a frankly bonkers 680hp.

For comparison a Range Rover Sport SVR has over 100hp less, making do with 575hp, while the recently refreshed G63 puts out 'just' 585hp - although the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk does still have it beaten thanks to its 707hp supercharged V8, borrowed from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

What the Lister really will have in its sights, though, is Lamborghini's current herd-leading heavyweight, the 650hp Urus. Back to the Top Trumps, then. Already with a 30hp advantage over the Italian, the LFP adds a higher top speed (200mph vs 190mph - world's fastest SUV, remember) a faster 0-60 sprint (3.5 seconds vs the Urus' 3.6) and a cheaper price (costing from "around £140,000", nearly £25,000 cheaper than the entry point for the Lamborghini).

It also looks absolutely fantastic. With extensive use of carbon fibre to save weight, the LFP features flared arches, new bumpers and side skirts, an absolutely monstrous front splitter and a gigantic set of wheels - presumably proportioned to accommodate the enormous brake calipers. It's a super SUV done right, basically.

In announcing that advanced orders for the LFP are now being taken, Lister CEO Lawrence Whittaker, added: "I am delighted, overwhelmed and gratified by the huge level of interest, excitement and orders our LFT-666 supercar has already generated in just a few months. Based on early indications, our new LFP promises to repeat the success of the LFT-666, and I really can't wait to reveal the world's fastest SUV quite soon."

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  • WCZ 06 Sep 2018

    brabus g63 is 700 or 850hp

  • Swampy1982 06 Sep 2018

    I actually quite like this, despite my usual aversion to suv's.

  • chris4652009 06 Sep 2018

    LOVE this, totally bonkers

  • sleepera6 06 Sep 2018

    chris4652009 said:
    LOVE this, totally bonkers

  • C7 JFW 06 Sep 2018

    Make it tall, but make it outrageously fast.

    Love the mentality. Bravo for using an F-Pace as the basis too. I would love to find out what it sounds like!

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