Longtail 720S caught testing for the first time

Well, we were told it was coming, and (in all likelihood) here it is - the Longtail version of the 720S, caught at you know where doing you know what. Plainly it is that more aggressive front end which gives the game away; the standard model's uncluttered nose now the recipient of some fairly serious aerodynamic enhancements.

The redesigned splitter has been made dramatically larger and lower for a start, and the car has sprouted a couple of pronounced canards beneath its headlight/intake housing. That's exactly the sort of fine-tuning we'd expect from an LT-badged model, and signals a typically robust approach to the necessary styling alterations.

Elsewhere though the test mule doesn't give a whole lot away. Track-biased tyres and carbon ceramic brakes are virtually a given, but for now there doesn't seem to be any significant alterations to the back end, save perhaps for the addition of a stick-on Gurney flap to the 720S's already substantial pop-up rear spoiler. If the LT is physically longer, it isn't immediately noticeable.

Despite the blacked-out quarter glass, the development car has clearly earned what looks like a half cage - although we imagine that's been deployed purely for the rigours of testing at the Nurburgring. Everything else remains under wraps, including the name (though 750LT seems to have found favour on the internet since we last pitched it as a possibility).

Certainly we're expecting a power upgrade in line with previous Longtail efforts, alongside alterations to the chassis for a greater emphasis on track driving and, wherever possible, weight reduction. Regardless, it's surely early days in the LT's testing phase; we're not expecting to see the finished product until next year. Plenty of time for McLaren to experiment with other bolt-on solutions to the question of air flow...

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