TVR Confirms 'Vette Power For New Roadster

TVR owner Nikolai Smolenski has confirmed PH's exclusive about the marque's return with US-sourced V8 power, and now we know he's going to use a Corvette lump.

Tuscan's successor to get 'Vette V8
Tuscan's successor to get 'Vette V8
Smolenski confirmed the choice of 'Vette power in a recent interview: ""We looked at every engine available, including making our own, and decided that the Corvette was the most powerful off-the-shelf design going. Fitting it to our chassis allows us to meet all current regulations and is not too big a step," he told Autocar,who managed to pin-down the elusive oligarch for a chat as they followed-up the story.

If 'most powerful' means the LS9 engine from the ZR1, we'll be looking at a supercharged 638hp and 604lb ft, which should make the new TVR roadster hard not to like. Apparently there's no chance of the TVR's in-house six or eight-cylinder motors being revived, as cost and homologation issues are prohibitive.

Unsurprisingly, the new plan centres on a roadster that will be evolved from the steel-chassis with independent suspension chassis set-up of old TVRs like the Tuscan - and latest reports suggests it will be built by German company Gullwing which builds replicas of the classic M-B 300SL and latest versions of the AC Cobra.

AC owner Alan Lubinsky is reportedly in on the deal too, but although Lubinsky is said to have confirmed talks about TVR production are underway, he says nothing has been concluded yet. Interestingly (and we confess to relying on Wikipedia here), AC Cars is said to be already planning its own production venture in the US - so could that mean TVRs will be built there too? Your speculation is as good as ours, but we do know that the US is a key market for the new TVR business plan.

Also in the TVR business plan (stop reading here, Blackpool purists...) is a hybrid version of the new roadster. And everyone wants one of those these days, don't they?

Either way, we're still expecting the new TVR to make its public debut at the Goodwood Moving Motor show in July, although neither Goodwood or TVR have confirmed that officially. But the PH team will be travelling to West Sussex in hope of a sighting, and so can you - don't forget you can buy your tickets online here.

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  • busta 28 Apr 2010


    Am i right in thinking offering a hybrid is the best way to reduce cO2 over the whole range to meet enviroment regs?

  • Varsity 28 Apr 2010

    Awesome choice.

    Can't beat cubic inches!

  • Stu R 28 Apr 2010

    Sounds positive, but I'll keep the champagne firmly corked. Call me a cynic, but the NS and TVR saga has left me with pretty much the same feelings pipeline cards and 'boycott esso and BP' campaigns. Wonder what they'll be unveiling at FOS, hopefully something more than a slightly reworked tuscan 2 with an LS...

  • IforB 28 Apr 2010

    It's hardly going to be a British car anymore though. Owned by a Russian, built in Germany and powered by an American engine. I'm assuming of course that the German company will build it in their normal factory and that Blackpool won't have anything to do with it.

  • blindswelledrat 28 Apr 2010

    IM suprised at the early cheers for this.

    It strikes me that it the details of that are correct- a Russian has bought our darling british sports car brand, removed anything whatsoever British about it, moved production overseas and is redesigning things for America.
    It will now be a low volume foreign car manufacturer like any other.

    SUre it will still be good, and all that, just now irrelevant.

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