2018 Porsche 911 GT3 RS leaked

Supposedly meant to remain under wraps until later this month, with a full Geneva reveal on the cards, the latest iteration of 911 GT3 RS has broken cover ahead of time. As far as details go, the new car will have a redline of 9,000rpm and 20hp more than its predecessor, taking the total output from its naturally aspirated 4.0-litre engine to 520hp and dropping the 0-62 time by a tenth to 3.2 seconds.

Power is still sent to the wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch PDK gearbox, with no suggestion that a manual option will be offered. The rear-wheel steering system has been recalibrated, though, and a series of aerodynamic and styling upgrades have been implemented. These include a redesigned front bumper with larger side intakes, two new NACA style ducts in the bonnet, and additional air channeling at the rear, where new wing and bumper designs can also be seen.

Inside, carbon-backed racing seats, lightweight door panels and reduced sound-proofing keep unnecessary heft to a minimum; in addition and, as has become custom for Porsche's GT models, the new GT3 RS will be available with an optional Clubsport package comprised of an aluminum roll cage, fire extinguishers and six-point belts.


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  • Glennroiiy 06 Feb 2018

    Don’t care how difficult it would be to get one, don’t care how much over list a a Porsche dealer will charge you for one because I’m in no position to obtain one. But f**k I want one

    Edited by Glennroiiy on Tuesday 6th February 18:15

  • Plate spinner 06 Feb 2018

    It’s weird how on paper the series just keeps getting better.

    Yet if I had the funds and a spare garage slot, I’d nab one in the 996 flavour...

  • RamboLambo 06 Feb 2018

    Great, super, smashing, look at what you could of won but sadly you cant get one as you ain't on the list

  • cossers 06 Feb 2018

    Lovely! Even in green, no doubt there will be someone calling all who want one sheep with no idea of what a good car is! Spray me blue and give me an ear tag anytime!

  • subirg 06 Feb 2018

    Who cares? More rubbish journalism. Another impossible to get car. Pointless even talking about it.

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