BMW M4 departs with M Heritage Edition

It’s fair to say that the current BMW M4 hasn’t always enjoyed the near-universal outpouring of praise afforded to its predecessors; the handling came in for criticism, as did the turbocharged engine, and the steering too. That said, updates have improved it along the way, and with the next M3 and 4 set to go all-wheel drive, this F80/2 generation could prove quite significant.

To mark its imminent demise (or, officially, to celebrate motorsport successes), BMW has created this, the M4 M Heritage Edition. Derived from the 450hp M4 Competition, 750 M Heritage Editions will be produced, offered in one of three colours that pay homage to the M Division logo: Laguna Seca Blue, Velvet Blue and Imola Red. The Heritage Editions can also be marked out by the tricolour stripe across the roof, new 20-inch forged wheels, two-tone leather seats and a smattering of Heritage logos across the interior. Otherwise, it’s as you were for an M4 Comp.Β 

The Edition will be sold in all existing M4 markets until April, which is presumably when we can expect to see the next generation, with the UK set to receive 10 per cent of the 750-car production run. The car will make its debut at the Nurburgring DTM final in November, with deliveries presumably beginning not long after. Prices are yet to be confirmed for any market; those who are interested in a Competition and can do without the stripe might be interested to know that standard cars are now available for less than Β£35k…

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  • scottygib553 03 Sep 2019

    BMW M4: Bin Ends Edition

  • MikeGoodwin 03 Sep 2019

    Honestly the comp is one of the most disappointing cars I've ever driven. Yet another parts bin special from bmw

  • Dave Hedgehog 03 Sep 2019

    scottygib553 said:
    BMW M4: Bin Ends Edition
    what do you expect for 100k?

  • E65Ross 03 Sep 2019

    Dave Hedgehog said:
    scottygib553 said:
    BMW M4: Bin Ends Edition
    what do you expect for 100k?
    Is that how much they cost?

  • tch911 03 Sep 2019

    Glorious shame they cant apply some proper heritage colours to a Heritage edition.

    BMW Singapore did a much better job with their M3 Heritage Collection releasing it in just three classic colours:
    - Dakar Yellow
    - Daytona Violet
    - British Racing Green

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