VW Lupo GTI: Reader's Car of the Week

With the VW Up GTI imminent, attention has deservedly returned to the last time Volkswagen attempted a city car pocket rocket - the Lupo GTI. While not as effervescent as something like a 106 GTI, it was smart, quick, stylish and cool. It's therefore little wonder that a loyal group of fans has followed it since launch.

PHer 'claytonjones' is one of those, having owned a GTI since 2013. Having initially scened the car with mad camber and silly wheels, he's now set about making the little Lupo a track project - bravo that man! You can see the thread for more details and pics, but the key upgrades are BC coilovers, OZ Ultraleggera wheels, Recaro Pole Position seats and a Janspeed exhaust. More power is on the way through a new inlet manifold (the exhaust is already done), racier cams and a polished head.

We're big fans of Clayton's work, the Lupo looking really purposeful with its new set-up and the interior modifications spot on; as another PHer commented, "Love these, and you've not ruined it - well done!"

With the thread only started on Monday, hopefully there's plenty more to come from Clayton and the Lupo soon. Enjoy the car, it looks great!

Read the full thread here.


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