Toyota launches Gazoo Racing Trophy

It wasn't going to be long before Gazoo Racing turned its attention to the GT86, what with the recent launch of the Yaris GRMN, the release of the Super Sports Concept and the confirmation of a Lexus N24 car. Sadly it's not a faster road version, but instead a new competition for those who race GT86s.

In case you're not familiar, two motorsport '86s are available from Toyota: the CS-R3 rally car, and the CS-Cup circuit racer. Both run similar mechanical packages, with 232hp from the 2.0-litre boxer thanks to new cams and a higher compression ratio. The rally car uses a sequential 'box, the Cup a manual with flat shifts.

Anyway, those are the cars. What's new today is the Gazoo Racing Trophy, bringing together European GT86 rally and race drivers in a competition with a €35,000 first place prize. The winner will also get a C-HR road car, but let's focus on the important stuff for now.

How does this work, you might reasonably ask. Not simply, so bear with us. "For maximum flexibility, cars can be entered in one or more competition series in Europe and earn trophy points based on the size of the grid and level of competition." So both racers and rally entrants are eligible, with the 10 best results from the season taken towards the competition total. For those on track, the majority of competitors will come from the VLN (plus the N24), while those on the stages are likely to be drivers in the Tour European Rally Series, the European Rally Championship and the German Rally Championship.

Up to 75 points are available per event, with the length of the race and the amount of people you're racing against altering the total. That maximum is apparently only available when racing in a class of five or more cars and in a 24-hour race or a rally with at least 200km of special stages. Does that make sense? We're still not sure either, but there are more details on the Toyota Motorsport website, and essentially we understand it thus: if you do really well in your GT86 this motorsport season, you stand a chance of winning some money. And a C-HR. With no entry fee. Sounds good to us...

Should you be interested - and looking for a last-minute 2018 racer - the GT86 CS-Cup is available ready to go from Toyota Motorsport at €58,191, the rally car €99,960. See you at the N24, yes?

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Comments (3) Join the discussion on the forum

  • SmartVenom 23 Jan 2018

    Not really clubman stuff then! It’s a pity, it would be nice to see a bit more manufacturer interest at the lower (lowest!) level.

  • Jerry Can 23 Jan 2018

    SmartVenom said:
    Not really clubman stuff then! It’s a pity, it would be nice to see a bit more manufacturer interest at the lower (lowest!) level.
    agree. A one make 'spec part' saloon car formula, maybe road registered, drive to and from circuit ( use a tracker to prove), manufacturer incentive for a dealer to part sponsor a car, with a decent prize fund, open only to amateurs I am sure would be popular.

  • skeeterm5 23 Jan 2018

    Those cars look great in the racing colours.

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