Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

Alright, so it's not confirmed for production yet. But given the second paragraph of Toyota's press release for the GR Super Sport says Toyota "aims to refine its cars and people toward the goal of making ever-better cars through participation in motorsport activities", you would have to hope this could be the crowning glory of that idea.

The arrival of this concept also implies a renewed commitment from Toyota to the World Endurance Championship despite the departure of Audi and Porsche. It's described as "a highly beneficial and necessary project" for Toyota, to help develop its hybrid and EV systems. This car uses "mostly the same parts" as the TS050 Hybrid racer, which means a twin-turbo 2.4-litre V6 and racing hybrid system for a combined 1,000hp. According to Toyota the car "is set to deliver both ultimate power and environmental performance."

Interestingly there's no comment on the styling of the GR Super Sport, so we'll come out and say now that it looks absolutely fantastic. It's lean and minimalist but beautiful too, details like the exhausts, the lights and those gorgeous rear haunches creating something spectacular.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda believes the company has a challenge on its hands to make cars that will be fun for the next century, commenting that "Toyota Gazoo Racing aims to continue making exciting cars to bring smiles to our customers' faces and contribute to the future of the automobile industry." And while the GR Super Sport might be a little way off, there is the next Supra to look forward to in the more immediate future. We're holding on to a faint hope that Gazoo could turn its attention to a GT86 for the UK too...

Whether the concept makes production or not, this week looks like a clear sign of intent from Toyota Gazoo: as well as the Super Sport we've seen the launch of the Yaris GRMN, there's a new WRC car, and a Lexus LC car for the N24. More on those imminently...





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Comments (21) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Aftershox 12 Jan 2018

    Is this the same power-train which stopped on the start/finish straight at Le mans in 2016? And all Toyota cars retiring in 2017?

    Hopefully they improve reliability then...

  • Krikkit 12 Jan 2018

    That looks rather awesome, perhaps a bit too extreme for posing in Monaco, but more like an Aston Vulcan-level machine.

  • kambites 12 Jan 2018

    Some headlights might be a good idea if it's going to be a road car. smile

  • stevesingo 12 Jan 2018

    How much better does a correctly proportioned wheel/tyre combo look that the silly 13" affairs F1 uses?

  • Gecko1978 12 Jan 2018

    When I was a kid in the 80s I assumed when I was older "in the future" all cars would look like this. The reality is if they made it, it would have a price tag over £100k which would mean only a had full of people would ever see or own one.

    I do wonder if the resonbley priced sports car can only ever be as good as say a GT86 or an MX5. The arket for 2 seaters is I suppose small but in the past we did have the MGF based on a metro etc so why can we not have a car tha tlooks like this but that can be bought by the many.

    I think the answer is the GT86 a sports car that people say is not sporty needs more power etc has bland looks, if Toyota made the GT86 look like this people would still complain it did not handel was not fast enough etc and to make it all those things the price would have to go up.

    Given the most popular car in the UK is a for Fiesta I do not think people really can afford cars that are 40 50 100k etc and I suspect most cars in the 30 to 60k bracket are on PCP or company car deals etc so have to be practical i.e. turn up to a supplier in a 2 seater LMP with enough space to carry a tooth brush is not going to help a sales director of a double glazing firm etc.

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