Litchfield adds 200hp to 992 Carrera 911

Litchfield has launched a new Stage 1 map for the 992 Porsche 911 that can extract a further 200hp from its turbocharged flat-six engine. The Litchfield software, which reduces emphasis on emission control to maximise performance, pushes total output to 580hp for both the Carrera and Carrera S models, making the entry-level 992 as powerful as the 991.2โ€™s most potent model, the Turbo S.

Naturally that power gain is accompanied by a big growth in torque, with maximum twist now set at 480lb ft โ€“ 90lb ft more than standard. That being said, Litchfieldโ€™s changes do make the 3.0-litre boxer a tad less rev hungry, Porscheโ€™s flat power curve swapped for one that begins to taper off towards its top end. The drop in punch is tiny, however, showing that you'll still be rewarded for letting the motor rev out.

Interestingly, Litchfield told PH that both the Carrera and Carrera S share the same powertrain hardware, with the former model only losing out from the factory due to its digital settings, meaning bringing it into line with the S requires no extra work.

Now that Litchfield has launched the Stage 1 map with a price of ยฃ1,194, it anticipates a weekโ€™s wait for customers wanting to get their new 992 (or a used one) on the Gloucestershire firmโ€™s rolling road. The company is also working on a higher-spec upgrade that will include the option of a different exhaust system, supplied either by Remus and Akrapovic to free up airflow, reduce weight and enhance noise. Should you just want the latter for your 992, a less restrictive silencer will also be available for otherwise standard cars.

Elsewhere in the Litchfield garage, engineers are working on an upgrade for Audiโ€™s latest RS4 and RS5 models. Although the tests are ongoing, Litchfield told PH that weโ€™ve only four to six weeks left before final stats for the fettled 2.9-litre biturbo V6 are confirmedโ€ฆ

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  • sidesauce 28 Aug 2019

    That's a pretty impressive performance gain for the money...

  • WCZ 28 Aug 2019

    this is a huge deal imo, I had no idea the base car was this detuned from factory
    when the warranty periods all run out then there's no real point in an S
    it's thrown a little bit of a spanner in the works regarding my intertest in the upcoming turbo s too.

  • monzaxjr 28 Aug 2019

    sidesauce said:
    That's a pretty impressive performance gain for the money...
    Yup. 200bhp for just over a bag of sand. Bargain.

  • RumbleOfThunder 28 Aug 2019

    +200hp from a £1100 map, what a time to be alive!

  • MIP1983 28 Aug 2019

    artical said:
    meaning low rev performance is actually down on standard.
    Not according to the graph?

    Edited by MIP1983 on Wednesday 28th August 12:14

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