Luftgekühlt in LA: Time for Tea?

Ignore for a second that this is about Porsche. It could be about any car brand. Or cars in general for that matter. Patrick Long, one of Porsche's factory drivers and a class winner at Le Mans, talks eloquently here about his affection for the manufacturer, but it's his motivation for organising 'Luftgekühlt' - literally 'air-cooled' - a weekend gathering in LA for vintage Porsches, that ought to appeal to any PHer who has ever attended a Sunday Service.

"Well the initial idea of throwing a 'car party' from my perspective was to allow it to be sort of disarming and welcoming," says Long. "It's not about standing on top of a soapbox and announcing how rich you are and how successful you are, it's about sharing the storylines of where you found that car or how you became involved with Porsche or coming around the corner and being absolutely convinced you've seen everything and then finding this car you've only read about or seen in books is sitting right in front of you. And there are no signs, there are no stanchions, there's no-one standing in front of it - and that part of keeping people on their toes is a lot of fun."

Sound familiar? Swap out the glorious west coast weather for grey skies and you've got a PH gathering - and everything that entails - in a nutshell. It's also worth noting Long's far-reaching relationship with the UK - any man who can put Vic Elford into a 908 fifty years after he won the Rally Monte Carlo, the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Targa Florio is alright in our book...


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  • Blackpuddin 29 Aug 2018

    Great to see Vic Elford still up and doing.

  • Oakman 29 Aug 2018

    Fantastic !

    It doesn't matter what the marque is - its the totally right principle for anyone who loves cars and motorsport.

  • unsprung 29 Aug 2018

    the best extemporaneous speakers, in my opinion, are Britons

    so maybe this American guy picked up a thing or two during his otherwise impoverished existence in London; who knows

    his commentary overlayed during the opening scenes is first-rate, and an accurate description of Los Angeles -- the true "motor city" of the Western world

  • Ahonen 30 Aug 2018

    Absolutely wonderful.

    What he said about these legends not being around forever is so important. The guys like Elford, Derek Bell and Brian Redman are absolute legends of the sport in general and the world of Porsche motorsport in particular - the cars, drivers and stories of that era made such a huge impression on me as a very small boy and started my desire to own a 911 (which somehow took 40 years to achieve, but I got there in the end).

    Redman's book, which I bought last year, is a superb, eye opening read that at times makes you shake your head at the sheer bravery and madness of the '60s and '70s. It was a great regret of mine that I couldn't make it to Race Retro this year, where he was the guest of honour.

  • Digga 30 Aug 2018

    Agreed about the racing drivers; they are all legends, the likes of which (for various reasons) we're unlikely to see again. The cars and the stories need to be preserved for history.

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