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Porsche 718 4.0 GTS - the flat-six is back!

You read right: the latest Cayman and Boxster are here, with a detuned GT4 4.0-litre...

By Matt Bird / Thursday, January 16, 2020

The rumours were true, then. While we all secretly hoped that Porsche's new 4.0-litre flat-six, the 911-derived engine found in the GT4 and Spyder, would see service in other 718s, the fear was always that the four-cylinder turbo would continue to power everything non-Motorsport. Not so. Despite the fact that there's already been a 718 GTS with the flat-four, there's now a new one - the 718 GTS 4.0, since you're asking - and it gets six horizontally opposed cylinders powering its rear wheels. Tremendous.

The important numbers: 400hp, or just 20 less than the flagship models, a redline at 7,800rpm, 182mph and 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. For now, the six-speed manual, presumably as found in the GT4 and Spyder, is the only transmission on offer. Also tremendous. Porsche rates the fuel economy by WLTP standards at 25.9mpg, aided by cylinder deactivation, piezo injection and a variable intake system, with a CO2 figure of 246g/km.

Like all the other GTS models, these new 718 4.0s cherry pick the very best options from the extras catalogue, here to create "characteristically emotive power delivery and a focused driving experience." So, the sports exhaust is standard, as is PASM Sport with a 20mm lower ride height, Porsche Torque Vectoring with the mechanical limited-slip diff, active drivetrain mounts, Sport Chrono and the Porsche Track Precision App. Also tremen... You get the idea.

Standard wheels are 20-inch and black, with 235-section front and 265-section rear tyres; ceramic brakes are optional. While the yellow calipers of that added extra will mark it out, all of these new 4.0-litres get the usual GTS makeover: tinted lenses, black accents, sports seats, Alcantara everything.

Sound good? Course it does. Even with the reservations that have emerged about the aural quality of this latest 718 engine - never stops, does it? - the news of more flat-six Porsches in the world can only and wholly be considered a good thing. Both the 718 GTS 4.0 models are on sale today, the Cayman from £64,088 and the Boxster from £65,949, or respectively £11,260 and £7,456 less than their GT4 and Spyder siblings. Deliveries begin in March, and the configurator is live right now - get speccing!

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