PH Carpool: Ferrari F40 Michelotto

Nigel Chiltern-Hunt
Ferrari F40 Michelotto
Owned since:
I sold my previous one!
Previously owned:
Another F40 (from new), Ferrari 360 Challenge car ... and the list goes on

Nigel has something of a Ferrari habit...
Nigel has something of a Ferrari habit...
Why I bought it:
I ordered my first one in 1987 and learned in 1988 that I'd get one. The price in 1990 was £145K, plus VAT, and it got to October and I still hadn't got it. And then they said "by the way, there's a price increase and there are 20 people waiting if you don't want it." I picked it up and took it straight to a concours event and amusingly got marked down for some things that weren't original! I eventually sold that car in 1996 after I got an offer I couldn't refuse but regretted it straight away and knew I wanted another and got this one in 2003; it had belonged to a hotel owner who said it wasn't fast enough and wanted more power so he sent it off to Michelotto and got the LM suspension, LM brakes, LM wheels, brake balance and other modifications.

Michelotto upgrades add another 50hp or so
Michelotto upgrades add another 50hp or so
What I wish I'd known:
I've got no regrets about the car and I always wanted one - I only wish I'd not sold the first one!

Things I love:
The Michelotto conversion has transformed the car. It's only 50hp more but it's in fact a lot more progressive and it's got more torque and it comes in a little earlier. There's thought to be around 10 in the world, nobody's really sure but quite a few did get modified, perhaps 20 or so subsequently. A lot have a carbon wing plate but I wanted the standard look. And I just knew it was going to be a future classic and I love the shape of it, there's not a bad angle.

Things I hate:
Having to use ear plugs when I drive it!

Earplugs required apparently...
Earplugs required apparently...
The running costs are actually pretty reasonable - the engine is bulletproof, the gearbox is as tough as old nails and there are very few electronics. Even a cambelt is easily done - people maintain them themselves and there aren't many supercars you can say that about. Just don't damage it - a new rear clamshell costs around £30,000 and once you paint them you lose the carbon weave which is important for buyers.

Where I've been:
It took me two years of organisation but I got 61 F40s together for the Silverstone Classic and we had 59 on the track for the parade. All with the cooperation and help of the Ferrari Owners' Club and Silverstone who were amazingly helpful.

Nigel's car joined Silverstone parade lap
Nigel's car joined Silverstone parade lap
What next?
Salon Prive
where we'll be exhibiting with a whole section of around 14 F40s. Some of us are doing the run in from the RAC so we can all drive in together on the Wednesday. And we'll be at Silverstone for the Ferrari Racing Days too.





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  • The Jolly Todger 03 Sep 2012

    My and many other people of similar age's ultimate car.

    This, an F50 and an F1 are right at the top of my Euromillion list.

  • j_s14a 03 Sep 2012


  • mikebradford 03 Sep 2012

    very nice

  • Vocal Minority 03 Sep 2012

    Saw my first F40 'in the wild' on the autoroute on the way down to Le Mans in 2010.

    Caused 3 men in their mid 20s to press their faces to the car windows like 10 year olds.

    Envy thy name is Vocal Minority.

  • trunks82 03 Sep 2012

    Someone commented on the countach thread it was that car which turned him into a pistonhead.For me it was the f40.absolutely legendry.

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