SOTW: Citroen CX Croisette

The recent news that Citroen only managed to sell four Citroen C6es in the UK last yearhas inspired a very Gallic Shed this week.

In recent years Citroen may have become better known for irritating balloon-shaped MPVs named after a certain famous artist (although the C3 Picasso, at least, does look like a cubist drawing of a car). But its continued production of the sleek and futuristic C6 reminds us that the Double Chevron badge was once a committed producer of wonderfully quirky, wafty cars.

So for today's SOTW, as a tribute to Citroen's apparent commitment to quirkiness, however few cars that actually sells, we've picked out what many consider to be one of the last appealingly odd Citroens. It's a CX, the last model to be created by the company before Peugeot took over in 1976 - and the one whose swoopy fastback lines the C6 proudly echoes.

It's also a rare Shed. We've featured a CX before, but you won't see us doing it all that often, as the ever-inaccurate but at least vaguely representative How Many Left website suggests that there are probably only around 100 CXes left running on Blighty's roads, despite almost 1.2 million examples being built between 1974 and 1991.

This particular car, a 1989 'Croisette' special edition, is powered by a 2.2-litre Douvrin straight four, which the vendor describes as famously reliable and economical. We're not sure the former adjective could ever be applied to a 105,000-mile, 23-year-old Citroen, but the seller does also make the reasonable point that this is a carburettor-driven motor, so there is no electronic fuel injection or associated electronics to 'spoil the fun' as he puts it.

And what with an MOT that'll last until this August (though you will have to put your own tax on it) this could be a fine way to float stylishly around the place. And if you do break down, you can pop your Ray Bans on, hang a Gauloise from your lower lip and glare insouciantly at the passing traffic, safe in the knowledge that, until the AA van shows up, you'll look super-cool.

Advert is reproduced below

1989 Citroen CX Croisette For Sale

I am offering up my 1989 Citroen CX Croisette for sale.
The Croisette was the only special edition series 2 CX sold in the UK. As such it is based on the 22 TRS version of the CX saloon.

The 2.2 petrol engine used in this car is one of the very reliable and economical Douvrin engines developed in partnership with Renault and Volvo. The performance from the 2.2 engine is more than adequate for a car of this size, and having a carburetor there is no Electronic Fuel Injection and associated electronics to spoil the fun.

This car has covered 105K miles and was registered new in Northern Ireland on 31/01/1989 and supplied by Shaws of Bangor.

During the past summer I have done some recommissioning work to the car after a period of time in storage. The car passed its MOT on 09/08/11. Car can be taxed at buyers expense if requested.

On the whole this is a very presentable CX which has no sunroof, as many CX enthusiasts will know is a major plus point.

Also included in the sale is a set of CX GTi imperial 14" alloy rims in need of refurbishment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or photographs.

Please note that this car is in Northern Ireland.

I can assist with delivery of this car to any part of the UK or Ireland.

P.H. O'meter

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  • dufctubs 27 Jan 2012

    Nice shed, can see where the new shape c6 look came from !

  • Krikkit 27 Jan 2012

    Brilliant shed - the best one since the 106 Rallye in my eyes! (And thank goodness it's not another german barge...)

    A good wafting-car line up - a C6 and one of these. When one is broken use the other!

  • Dr Banjo 27 Jan 2012

    Quirky and different. Love it.

    Wasn't this the model advertised by Grace Jones ?. Think I remember a very good 'Spitting Image' parody if my memory is correct.

  • carinaman 27 Jan 2012

    That's been advertised for a while now. I think it was last year when I saw advertised. redface

    I approve of this shed. smile

  • Owlwood 27 Jan 2012

    Yes! Top quality shed.

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