SOTW: Saab 90

Cars say a lot about people. Some say you are affluent, others show you have impeccable taste, and others prove you are a bit of a numpty.

There are few however that suggest you are a sensitive beatnik architect, who spends his time writing poetry, while listening to Charlie Parker, and smoking a Gauloise. The Saab 90 is one of them.

Even for Saabs the 90 is a bit obscure, having what is effectively the front half of a 99 and the rear of a 900 saloon. It was the missing link between the two, being smaller than the 900, but with more room than the earlier 99.

To be honest it’s going to be an acquired taste but if you are after something rare, a little different and undeniably cool, this is it. It was only available in 2.0-litre form, with the Saab H unit, but this only managed to push out a wheezy 100bhp.

This was fed by a carburettor, no fancy fuel injection here, and was sold between 1984 and 1987. In the end 25,378 Saab 90s were sold, and only in Europe. A five-speed gearbox was fitted as standard and it benefited from other flashy features such as headlamp wash/wipe, dual-circuit servo-assisted brakes and heated driver’s seat.

The price at the time was £7,000. This may have proved a bit too much for UK drivers to stump up with because not many appear to be hanging outside coffee shops in Blighty.

Of the 25K that were sold the seller of this example reckons there are less than 39 on the car’s UK register. When you take into consideration the car’s state, including the original Philips radio cassette, and 56,000 miles from new, £999 seems like a bit of a bargain.

And it has to have one of the coolest dashboards ever – clearly inspired by the instrument panel of a nuclear submarine with wood trim. The MOT is to 10.08.2009 and tax is until the end of January 2009, and there is the original manual, two keys, service book, pre-delivery checksheet & wiring diagram.

Any listed problems are just cosmetic and the owner says the car runs very well. The Saab 90 – more fun than bongos and dark glasses. ad reads: 'For Sale to an enthusiast who with some time, work & a little money can enjoy this "classic?" Saab. Only about 25,000 of these models were produced between 1984 to 1987. It's reported that there are less than 39 on the car's UK register. This is a 1 owner car from new registered 15.08.1985, with a 1985cc petrol engine. It's covered less than 56,000 miles & has the 5 speed gearbox.

'There's a Saab glass sunroof & the original Philips radio cassette player. The heater is fantastic & there are headlamp washers. Although there is only a little service history the car seems to have been looked after fairly well. I bought it after recently selling my classic Alfa - but have decided it's not for me. The MOT is to 10.08.2009 & tax is until end of January 2009. £999.'

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  • Alfahorn 30 Jan 2009


    Shame it's not a 900 Turbo.

  • m4rky77 30 Jan 2009

    Alfahorn said:

    Shame it's not a 900 Turbo.
    That was my thought, something about the 900 turbo, what it is............... I just don't know

  • crofty1984 30 Jan 2009

    I'd have that!

  • Frimley111R 30 Jan 2009

    Whats this? Shed of the week or Classic car of the week? Must try harder, there's tons of better shed out there than this!

  • dugsud 30 Jan 2009

    £999 and you could probably run it as a hack for another 20 years rolleyes

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