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We last Spotted a Challenge Stradale in January 2016, "Ah well" I thought, "that's a bit too recent to write about again." But it turns out that nearly three and a half years have passed since then - and with Ferrari launching its latest Stradale today, what better time to take a look back at one of our favourite cars from its much vaunted back catalogue?

Forty months ago, then, it seems that prices were at a peak, with £140,000 being the entry point and the best examples residing north of the £330,000 mark. Granted that was for extremely low mileage, RHD drive cars, but today the most expensive Challenge in the classifieds is an 18,000-mile right-hand drive example for £183,850 - a relative steal.

That's not the car we've picked for you today, though. No, we've set our sights on something slightly more affordable and usable: this left-hand drive 2004 model with 28,000 miles on the clock. At £134,990 it's listed at almost exactly the same price as it would have been when new - ignoring inflation, of course - and looks to be in nearly as-new condition as well.

The Rosso Scuderia paint - complete with immediately recognisable racing stripe - looks to be immaculate, as do the BBS-made wheels. Inside you'll find a Tessuto Racing Interior in Nero/Rosso, carbon fibre racing seats with four-point harnesses and an integrated audio system, making longer journeys that bit more bearable.

And that's where the Strad really shines. Designed from the outset with an 80/20 road/track use split in mind, it is bestowed with the majority of the day-to-day usability of the standard 360, with just enough of a raw edge to make it a truly thrilling drive. In addition to the racy wheels and composite buckets, the more focussed machine came with standard Brembo carbon ceramic brakes borrowed from the Enzo, contributing 16kg to a total weight saving of up to 110kg versus that standard car.

So despite only benefiting from a relatively modest 20hp increase, its 3.6-litre V8 was still able to propel it from 0-62mph in just 4.1 seconds. Once there, it offers one of the great turn-of-the-millennium driving experiences. While the Challenge Stradale may not boast the outrageous performance of its modern namesake, then, or the manual transmission of its revered predecessors, it still deserves recognition for its natural aspiration, its 8,700rpm redline and its visceral, unabashed V8 scream. No matter where Ferrari performance goes from here it'll long remain one of its most special creations. Best jump back on the bandwagon, before prices begin to rise again.

3,586cc V8
Transmission: 6-speed automated manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 425@8,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 275@4,750rpm
CO2: N/A
First registered: 2004
Recorded mileage: 28,000
Price new: £133,025
Yours for: £134,990

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  • Nerdherder 30 May 2019

    That V8 scream is more than enough of an apology for this interior spec. Someone should go get this thing really.

  • Esceptico 30 May 2019

    I bought one in 2012. From memory only had around 800 km on the clock despite being 10 years old. First owner had driven it to the dealer three or four times to have it serviced then driven it to another of his houses in Austria. It was transported back to the dealer I bought it from. At the time it was around £95k. I also looked at Scuds but thought that there wouldn't be another opportunity to own a CS with such low mileage. Loved the car. Three memories stick out. I took my daughter with me (on the bus) to the dealer to pick up the car. I drove slowly to warm up the oil. Then came to a tunnel. Surreptiously I lowered the windows and gave it full throttle. After a brief period for the revs to build there was an almighty shriek. She literally jumped in her seat and screamed "Daddy!" Second was meeting up with a group off PH to drive some mountain passes. Again, hearing the engine noise going up the passes was pretty special. We had great weather and no-one got caught. A good day. Last memory was taking a UK friend out for a drive (he was visting with wife and son). Unfortunately some way from home the car just died. Dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. Had to recovered on a truck (still, he got the full Ferrari experience). Picture below was whilst we were waiting to be picked up. Annoyingly a Swiss guy drove past in his GT3 whilst we were waiting and gave me a very knowing smile, indicating that I should have stuck with Pork.

    Unfortunately found out I was going to be made redundant so sold it for what I had bought it for at the end of the year. Seems like I could have brought back to the UK and it would have held its value at least. Hey ho.

  • Leins 30 May 2019

    Strange as it may sound, the price seems something of a bargain to me, what with various used exotica (and non-exotica) becoming a lot more expensive in recent years. Still one of the finest sounding road cars I've experienced

    So one of these and an accompanying 348GTC in the garage and then I'll be happy out!

  • 2 GKC 30 May 2019

    Leins said:
    Strange as it may sound, the price seems something of a bargain to me, what with various used exotica (and non-exotica) becoming a lot more expensive in recent years. Still one of the finest sounding road cars I've experienced

    So one of these and an accompanying 348GTC in the garage and then I'll be happy out!
    Relatively high miles and a left hooker accounting for the price.

    I was taken out in one of these once. The noise was something else, but didn't strike me a car designed 80% for road use

  • 911Thrasher 30 May 2019

    One of the most rewarding car i have ever experienced/owned (with the 997 GT3RS), except that nowadays the Stradale is pretty much banned from any trackdays (black flagged several times at Silverstone for reaching 120dB plus in the straights on stock exhaust).

    Except for no noise restriction days and Spa which is super friendly I don't see many trackdays anymore.

    Edited by 911Thrasher on Thursday 30th May 16:06

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