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Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 | Reader's Car of the Week

This PHer's R34 remained standard for about three miles; then it was given a healthy dose of extra power

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, August 10, 2019

Everyone will have a favourite generation from the Skyline lineage, with those who loved the Playstation years likely holding much affection for the R34. When it arrived on British shores in 1999, we were busy racing our mates on Gran Turismo – a game created specifically because of cars like Nissan’s 280hp (and a bit more) turbocharged straight-six racer. For a passionate few, however, the Skyline experience has become a little more tangible than blocky graphics and dual-sticked controllers.

Take PHer Matty322, a decade-long owner of a rather special GT-R R34. He’s the second owner of the car, with it having spent the first portion of its life on the streets of Tokyo in the possession of a friend, one who’s clearly equally as mad about cars. They practically drove straight from the dealership to a tuner for a big list of upgrades; in fact, this was to be the story of the car’s early years, with engine, chassis and even a colour change all carried out before it arrived in Britain.

Now in Matty322’s custody, this GT-R, with its massive boost and extensive list of carbon fibre parts (look at that interior!), has 800hp. Eight hundred. Quite the improvement over the Gentleman’s Agreement factory output, we can all agree. With the R34 comfortably into the territory of a modern classic, Matty322 keeps it tucked away, to be awoken in the warmer months. Better yet, he also has an R32. But that’s another thread, for now, we’ll let you peruse the details of this glorious PlayStation icon.

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