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The Funicular | Legendary Threads

Get off the sofa and join us on memory lane...

By Dafydd Wood / Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The PistonHeads Legendary Threads are just that, a collection of some of the most remarkable, well known and celebrated threads that the forums have to offer. With dozens to choose from - not all of which are necessarily suitable to be promoted here - and entries often stretching across many, many pages, perusing them can take hours, if not days. Which sounds like precisely the antidote we need to our current locked-down, self-isolated melancholia.

The contents of these threads range from the side-splittingly hilarious to the mind-blowingly obtuse, but we'll kick off with a real heart-warmer. A classic example of the power of PH, the funicular thread encapsulates the kind of community spirit, supportive nature, incredible breadth of skill and wide ranging knowledge that the forums can bring to bear under the right circumstances. And that we need now more than ever.

You're not going to find any twists or turns here, but a deeply satisfying discussion of and resolution to one PHers problem with the 90 - yes, ninety - steps between road level and his new home. Combine that with the novelty of his situation, some excellently illustrative photos and videos, and a cameo appearance by 'Mrs Funicular' herself, and you've got yourself one legendary thread.

Check out the full thread here, and nominate some of your favourites in the comments below.

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